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ClearSonic Sorber Acoustic Panel and Gobo

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Product Description

Our ClearSonic Sorber Acoustic Panel and Gobo is an easy and effective way to contain sound and control reflections. These acoustic panels are manufactured out of rigid 1.5″ thick compressed fiberglass (6# PCF Density) and encased in heavy-duty ‘trunk cloth’. Sorber Panels improve the performance of the ClearSonic Panels by soaking up reflected and direct sound. This stray sound, if not absorbed, could cause your drum kit to sound more “roomy” than desired. The use of both ClearSonic Panels and Sorber Panels provide a complete, portable, cost effective solution to excessive noise problems.

ClearSonic SORBER Acoustic Panels are a great tool to have in the studio, on stage, or in rehearsal for fast and portable acoustic control and separation. Since the SORBER Panels have an NRC value of .90, they also make a great stand-alone acoustic absorption “gobo” for general stage and studio use. S1 and S2 panels can be attached to the inside of the ClearSonic Drum Shield Panels to reduce the amount of reflected sound or attached to a wall to improve acoustics in a room. The S1 and S2 are Velcro-receptive and easily attached to almost any flat surface. The 22″ width of S1 and S2 panels allows them to fit the ClearSonic A3, A4, and A5 Drum Shield Panel systems. The 44” high model S4-2 and 66” high model S5-2 systems are both 4-feet wide and fold in half for easy transport.

Use two or three behind your drum kit or one behind your amplifier to absorb a significant amount of acoustic energy that would normally reflect off a back wall and back into the room. Our ClearSonic Sorber Acoustic Panel and Gobo is only available in dark gray. Light gray systems pictured have been discontinued.

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