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Roman Pro-838 Wall Fabric Adhesive

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Product Description

Our Roman Pro-838 Wall fabric adhesive is a heavy duty clear based adhesive and is ideal for use with our CrossPoint™ Acoustical Wall Fabric. You can purchase this adhesive in five-gallon buckets, and each bucket covers an area of 900 square feet. You can roll, paint or trowel this adhesive onto surfaces.

General Properties

  • Commercial grade adhesive designed for contractors
  • For light to heavy weight wall coverings
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Extended open time
  • LEED regulation compliant

Technical Information for Roman Pro-838 Wall fabric adhesive

  • Size: 5 Gallon
  • Base: Modified Starches
  • Percent Solids: Approximately 21%
  • Coverage: Up to approx. 280 square feet per gallon
  • Viscosity: Approximately 29,000 cps
  • VOC: Less than 25 grams/liter
  • Drying Time: Drying time will vary depending on the temperature, ventilation and humidity of the room.
  • Storage: Avoid freezing; keep in a cool, dry place.

Recommended Uses: For commercial weight wall coverings.

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