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VibStop Vibration Damping Sheet

Sold By: Box
Size: 1' x 3'

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Product Description

Our VibStop Vibration Damping Sheet is a self-sticking rubber sheet that reduces vibration and ringing on resonating materials. You can apply the VibStop damping sheets directly to sheet metal, wood, fiberglass, and plastic surfaces. VibStop vibration damping sheets are lightweight and require no special tools to install.

These sound damping sheets use an advanced butylene rubber bonded to a thin layer of black aluminum to reduce vibration. Unlike other types of vibration-damping materials, VibStop is engineered to utilize sheer force in order to control vibration. The thin layer of aluminum helps to prevent a substrate from bending beyond a given point.

Automotive body panels and machinery parts constructed of sheet metal, fiberglass or plastic vibrate at various frequencies. If they vibrate at a high rate, this generates noise and contributes to fatigue and stress levels. This type of noise and vibration also impacts optimal equipment performance. The installation of VibStop will assist in reducing noise levels and increase equipment efficiency by preventing the conversion of sound energy into vibration energy. VibStop may also be used to create or replace flimsy plastic or paper vapor barriers behind interior panels.

VibStop Vibration Damping Sheet may be used to dampen vibrations of automotive body panels, boat hulls and bulkheads, HVAC ducting and metal plenums, sheet metal, cases, housings, and much more.


  • Lightweight, high performance design
  • Reduces structural fatigue and failures
  • Easy installation with cut, peel and stick
  • No unpleasant odors

Technical Information for VibStop Vibration Damping Sheet

  • Size: 1′ x 3′
  • Thickness: 0.060″ with a 0.004″ foil and 0.056″ Butyl
  • Construction: Non-curing, butylene rubber with 4 mil aluminum layer
  • Package: Box of 20 Sheets
  • Weight: 0.39 lbs. / sq. ft.
  • Color: Black / Aluminum
  • Fire Rating: Pass MVSS-302 with a rating of B<1 and UL HF94-VO
  • Intended Use: Applied to metal or other materials to reduce noise produced by vibration
  • Shelf life: Best used within one year

Installation Method:

  1. Cut the self-adhesive VibStop vibration damping sheet to the desired size.
  2. Peel off paper backing and apply to the substrate’s surface as required to reduce vibration.
  3. Cut the sheet with scissors, a knife, or a die. Be sure to remove dust, grease, moisture, and other foreign matter from the application surface. The simplest application technique is to bend the pad slightly and attach it along its shortest edge.
  4. Press the pad firmly into place, preferably with a roller for larger pieces. This reduces the risk of leaving air pockets, which reduces the sound-damping capacity. The temperature of the pad and application surface should not be below room temperature during fitting.

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