When it comes to pre-manufactured acoustic panels, there are many options. Fabric wrapped, polyester, Expanded Polypropylene (E.P.P), wood fiber, foam, cotton, and metal are all common acoustic panels. Melamine Foam Panels (MFP) are Class A fire rated, extremely versatile, and can be used in more environments than most all other acoustic panels.

melamine acoustic foam panels

Stay Away from the Flames!

Melamine Foam Panels are Class A fire rated which means they can be used in any commercial architectural environment. Years ago, polyurethane foam acoustic panels were the only option. Polyurethane foam is Class B fire rated (unless treated with a chemical flame retardant) which means it can only be used in residential environments and commercial environments with sprinklers. Polyurethane is petroleum-based making it more flammable. MFP’s are not petroleum-based making them less flammable and thus safer.


class a fire rating



Look at all the Colors

Melamine Foam Panels come in two natural colors, light grey and white. MFP’s can also be coated with special acoustical paint that balances aesthetics and durability with acoustical performance. Standard colors are offered, and custom colors are possible.

melamine acoustic foam panels melamine acoustic foam panels


Size Does Matter!

Melamine Foam Panels are very light weight and can come in almost any size up to 4’x8’x18” thick. Common sizes are 2’x’2’, 2’x4’, 4’x4’, and 4’x’8’. Common thicknesses range from ½”-6” with 2” thick being the most common. A 2” thick MFP gives a good balance between thickness and sound absorptionn.

Any Way You Want It

Melamine Foam Panels can be convoluted or cut to create many different face patterns and shapes. Convoluting is the process of running MFP’s through high pressure patterned rollers. The rollers permanently press a pattern into the face of the foam. MFP’s can also be cut into just about any shape or pattern you can dream off. Circles, triangles, hexagon’s, cats, dolphins, cars, clouds, and waves are just a few off the top of my head.

melamine acoustic foam panels

Convoluted Melamine Acoustic Foam Panels

melamine acoustic foam panels

Cut Shape Melamine Acoustic Foam Panels


Any Where You Want It

Melamine Foam Panels are typically mounted using a water-based construction adhesive or spray adhesive. Mechanical fasteners are rarely necessary due to MFP’s light weight which makes them ideal for ceiling applications. MFP’s are also fungus and mold resistant making them ideal for high humidity environments such as aquatic centers. Painted MFP’s work well in gun ranges. The paint prohibits gun powder residue from entering the open foam cells thus reducing build up. All that is necessary is a consistent wipe down to remove residue eliminating unwanted residue combustion. MFP’s Class A fire rating and ability to be patterned and shaped makes for an aesthetically pleasing architectural finish also. You can find MFP’s in conference rooms, offices, lobby’s, and multi-purpose spaces.

melamine acoustic foam panels melamine acoustic foam panels



We’ve just scratched the surface in this blog post. If you want to learn more or have any other questions, call our acoustical solutions professionals at (800) 782-5742.