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podcast studio with acoustic panels

The Issue:

Our customer, Daniel Ingram contacted us interested in treating his podcast studio in his home with acoustic panels to bring down the reverberation and echo. Therefore, the noise level in the space was creating major issues with his recordings and livestream audio quality. 

About the Client:

““I had an 8’x11’x8’ high room I wanted to use as a vocal booth and for podcasts and livestreams that was horribly echoey. The room is vastly better sounding and the panels look great.”

– Daniel Ingram


Acoustic Panel Challenge:

The area for the studio was approximately 15 feet long by 10 feet wide, in a larger room of about 27 feet by 27 feet. In addition, there are some areas in the ceiling with existing fixtures, therefore it would require custom sized acoustic panels to fit in the space.

For instance, the acoustic panels would also need to be something that could be mounted on walls as well as ceilings to best treat the area. In conclusion, it was decided that 2” thick AlphaSorb Anchorage Acoustic Panels, as well as some 3” thick AlphaSorb acoustic foam would be the best options.

Acoustic Panel Solution:

A combination of multiple sizes and quantities of 2” thick AlphaSorb Anchorage White Acoustic Panels (1’x2’, 3’x6’, 1’x4’, 3’x4’ and 3’x3’), using Rotofast anchors so that they could mount to both the walls and ceiling and therefore, incur minimal damage to the structure, Similarly, four sheets of the 3” thick AlphaSorb Flat Foam in Natural White were placed around the floor to reduce any echo and reverberation coming from below the wall panels.  

podcast studio with acoustic panels

The Results:

Almost instantly, Daniel could hear the difference both in the room and in his podcast recordings and livestream quality. The echo in the room had all but vanished and looked great in the space. The noise floor had dropped significantly. In conclusion, the acoustic panels worked exactly as expected and in addition, added a professional recording studio look to the space as well.

In the Customer’s Own Words:

““I considered various grades of foam panels from various other well-known providers and at various price points, as well as making my own panels using fiberglass and other materials. Finally, realizing that I didn’t have the time or tools to really craft something that would likely look as good as I wished it to look, so I went with your panels

– Daniel Ingram

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