From L to R: Studio 54 Panels and Art Panels There’s been a lot of talk about acoustics and noise level in the healthcare industry lately. Medical facilities and hospitals are implementing new noise reduction programs which include retrofitting with architectural acoustics, white noise, new paging systems, and more reminders to use hushed voices. These programs have had great success in improving patient satisfaction.

We have created our Art Acoustic Panels or many medical facilities lately. This product lowers sound intensity. We can create the panel with any high-resolution image. Here are three reasons art panels are perfect for medical facilities and hospitals seeking to improve patient satisfaction:

1. Privacy

Waiting, examination, and patient rooms are all places where speech privacy is important. Having sound absorbing materials like acoustical panels on the walls of these rooms decreases reverberation, sound intensity, and the distance that sound carries. With proper acoustical treatment, a conversation at the check-in counter will be muffled and not heard by the entire waiting room – and confidential conversations with your doctor will be much more private.

2. Healing

According to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal, “hospital noise is more than an annoyance. It disturbs patient sleep, prompts spikes in blood pressure and interferes with wound healing and pain management, studies show”. Anyone that has ever had to stay in a hospital room overnight or longer knows that it can be hard to get a restful night’s sleep, which is crucial to the healing process. Art Acoustic Panels create quieter, more calming environments.

3. Aesthetics

Art Acoustic Panels can be made with any high resolution image. Nature scenes, artwork, branding, and endless other possibilities are available. Additionally, these panels that can create a warmer, more inviting space for patients. Creating a calmer space will sooth even those with the worst case “white coat syndrome.” 

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