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The Children's Place

The Issue

When trying to find a ceiling system that worked in The Children’s Place—a line of children’s clothing stores—the designers wanted a fun, attractive ceiling system that would fit the personality of the store while keeping a lid on noise levels.

The Challenge

When planning out the interior design of The Children’s Place new stores, designers were careful to select products that would look great, be durable, and enhance the environment as much as possible. So, when it came time to decide on the type of ceilings to install, the designers looked for something new and innovative that would stand out and look great.

The Solution

The decision to use Sonex® Harmoni Acoustic Ceiling Tiles was made because of the way they “complement the overall atmosphere we want in our stores—child friendly and whimsical. The suspended ‘cloud’ feature and dimensional ‘plaid’ texture of the tiles supports the shape-oriented architectural elements in our stores, designed to appeal to children’s fascination with shapes,” says Michael Dubiel, director of store design, The Children’s Place Retail Stores, Inc.

“We wanted a look that was out of the ordinary. We were attracted to Harmoni’s unique aesthetics,” says Dubiel.

The Result

Sonex® Harmoni Acoustic Ceiling Tiles have been installed in 35 Children’s Place retail stores in North America. Sonex® Harmoni has also been selected as a component in the company’s ceiling specifications and will be installed in all new stores and any of the retailer’s 629 stores that are remodeled.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, Harmoni ceiling tiles offer a high level of acoustical control, making them ideal for noisy, open environments such as retail stores, corridors, offices, retail listening rooms, conference rooms, ballrooms, dining rooms, and home and movie theaters.

“Many retailers neglect aesthetics when they select ceiling applications by choosing standard fissured ceiling tiles. They might be surprised to learn that they can choose a product that has architectural and design appeal as well as one of the industry’s highest noise-reduction ratings,” says Joerg Hutmacher, business unit manager, Sonex® Architectural Products.

Sonex® Harmoni Acoustic Ceiling Tiles have a tegular edge and are available in two patterns that can be used independently or in combination with other Sonex® ceiling tiles. The Vista style has a smooth, flat design that is ideal for a clean sophisticated look. Vista tiles also can be used as a perimeter ceiling application. The Tartan style is a soft, convoluted pattern with subtle texture.

Sonex® Harmoni has a HPC coated surface for added durability and easy cleaning with a damp cloth. Color choices include white, black, gray and custom colors. The tiles are lightweight, easy to install in standard drop-in grids and have a noise reduction coefficient (NRC) of 0.90.

Children's Place Retail store using Sonex Harmoni drop in ceiling tiles

Children’s Place Retail store using Sonex® Harmoni drop in ceiling tiles

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