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Float Horizen

The Issue

Float Horizen is a wellness spa that offers float therapy and other services to improve one’s mind, body and spirit in an acoustically treated, relaxing environment. In preparation for building out their new wellness facility, the owners spent a fair amount of time researching the ins and outs of the industries’ practices. The float therapy spa would need to facilitate both relaxation and meditation. We enjoyed answering their questions and helping to guide them on their stress relieving business venture.

The Challenge

Open spaces are becoming more and more common in both residential and commercial architecture. The flowing space at Float Horizen had a welcoming appearance, but conversations from the lobby were reflecting down the corridor to the float and salt rooms. This was very distracting to the guests. It was obvious to the client that they needed to add acoustical treatment in order to create the zen haven they desired for the success of the business.

Float therapy uses sensory deprivation to help reset the mind and body, so having a completely quiet environment is key to the practice. Float tanks are filled with water at body temperature and saturated with medical grade Epsom salt. The dense salt water removes pressure on the body as you lay suspended and weightless. Additionally, many floaters completely unplug during their session to remove the influence of both sound and light. Absolute silence is a must! This building was standard construction, drywall on studs. While steps had been taken to build a barrier in the float rooms with double stud construction, Roxul insulation and double layers of resilient drywall, they had not considered noise generating from within their own space.

The Solution

The overall goal was to get to a 1.5 second reverberation time and limit the ability of the sound to freely travel down the corridors to the spa rooms. They use multiple alternative medicines including floating, salt therapy, and Himalayan Singing Bowls. They needed to create a space that was private, calming and invited “warm conversation” to set the tone for treatment.

For the common areas of the lobby and halls, we went with the AlphaSorb® Pyramid Acoustic Foam. This acoustic foam offers great absorption, is easy to use and looks great. For their design purposes, the float therapy spa chose a combination colors. Effectiveness was equally important to aesthetic and the pyramid foam achieved that goal. They cited that most people recognize pyramid foam as an acoustical treatment and this immediately sets the atmosphere of a calm for a relaxing and welcoming environment.

One of the main challenges at Float Horizen was the salt therapy room. In his room, a salt mist is sprayed during the session, so we needed a product that was a bit more durable, and would hold up in a a wet environment. We went with the PolySorpt® Acoustic Panel because of it’s resistance to moisture, appearance and ease of installation.


Lobby & Corridor:

AlphaSorb® Pyramid Acoustic Foam
(2) Cases 2′ x 2′ x2″
Salt Room:

PolySorpt® Acoustic Panels
(1) Case 2′ x 2′ x 2″ in White
(1) Case 2′ x 4′ x 2″ in White

The Float Horizen float therapy center installed moisture, bacteria & fungi resistant Polysorpt panels in their salt therapy room for a quiet, enjoyable spa experience.

The Float Horizen float therapy center installed moisture, bacteria & fungi resistant Polysorpt® panels in their salt therapy room for a quiet, enjoyable spa experience.

The Result

The float therapy spa achieved the goal of eliminating reverberation and echo to create a treatment center that is both comfortable and conducive to relaxation.

From the client:It’s like walking around your own home.”

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