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Lowering Home Echo and Reverb

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Case Study

Lowering Home Echo and Reverb

The foyer of the McQueen residence

The Issue

Lorraine McQueen contacted Acoustical Solutions to assist with lowering home echo and reverb, specifically within the kitchen and living areas. She noticed when having social gatherings, once a few people were talking, all the reflective surfaces in the space were causing a good deal of noise reflection.

About the Client

Lorraine McQueen is a residential homeowner who was looking to treat her kitchen and living area for echo and reverb.

Lowering Home Echo and Reverb Challenges

Guests were having to increase the volume of their voices to get over the ambient noise in the room.

Lowering Home Echo and Reverb Solutions

After some conversations with Mark Brock to determine some possible fixes, it was decided that Sales Engineer Matt Boughan would come onsite to discuss layout and installation options. The area for the acoustical treatment was about 16’ long by 31.5’ wide, with a 10’ high ceiling. This was in a residential environment, so the solutions provided needed to be suitable for a home and would also need to blend in or add to the existing décor.

Based on the application, we determined acoustical foam across the tops of the cabinets, a fabric wrapped ceiling panel above the kitchen island and Acoustiart panel next to the stairwell would be the best fit.

Custom cut 1.5″ Alphasorb® Light Grey Flat Foam for the tops of the kitchen cabinets. We also provided Alphasorb® Anchorage fabric wrapped 1″ absorption panels in custom sizes for the ceiling as well as an AlphaSorb® Art Panel for the wall.

The Result

Reverb time after treatment is roughly .68 seconds, making conversations much easier and providing a more comfortable space for gathering.

In the Customer’s Own Words

“Our kitchen and sunroom were loud and echoey. We looked online for possible providers and found Acoustical Solutions. I called to explain the problem and what I was looking to accomplish, and staff was responsive and helpful. Acoustical Solutions came to the house, looked at our space, and proposed a solution. We installed several panels on the ceiling and above cabinets, which greatly reduced the echo and solved our problem.”

— Lorraine McQueen, Homeowner

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