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Old Donation Church


Old Donation Church in Virginia Beach, Virginia has a large, beautiful fellowship hall that could not be used. Echo created by the arched ceiling prevented large gatherings or musical performances. Harold VanderWilt, Senior Warden for the grounds, explains the noise issue and how AlphaSorb® Ceiling Clouds eliminated the echo and made the room look even better.

Treatment Provided:

Old Donation Church has a long and rich history. Included on the National Register of Historic Places, the church has a history dating back to 1736.  A more modern addition, the fellowship hall, was added in 1990.   The new structure consisted of high, vaulted ceilings. While the space looked beautiful, it the ceilings created a terrible echo.  As a result, the space had been rarely used since its construction. 

When they contacted Acoustical Solutions, an acoustical plan was put in place to keep the space looking welcoming and warm. 

AlphaSorb® Ceiling Clouds answer your acoustical and aesthetic needs with their strong sound-absorbing performance, durability and elegant appearance.

AlphaSorb® Ceiling Clouds are used for noise reduction and reverberation control and are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors. These hanging panels come in standard or custom sizes, up to 4’ x 10’ in 1” or 2” thicknesses. Standard color options are the Guilford of Maine FR701 Acoustic Fabric line.  From the Guilford of Maine FR701 Acoustic Fabric line, Old Donation Church chose “Wedgewood.”  This is a beautiful, serene blue shade that adds to the tranquility of the space. The AlphaSorb® line is Class 1 Fire Rated and offers various edge details.


“Acoustically, it seems like we are exactly where we want to be,” says VanderWilt, “The installation went well, we didn’t lose any of the aesthetic from the raised ceiling, and the sound has improved.”