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Residential Basketball Court

The Issue

The was too much echo to enjoy the space, when dribbling or playing music; you couldn’t hear other people talking because of the echo/reverb. The space needed sound absorption or soundproof panels added to lower the reverb.

About the Client

John Rukel’s new basketball court is beautiful but needed some acoustic treatment to make it a comfortable place to play basketball, listen to music, and talk.

The Challenge

Mr. Rukel was looking for a company that had choices of sound panels, types, and colors to match his design and aesthetic needs. The goal was to have the panels blend into the space and look as though they belonged. “I loved the many different acoustical panels that Acoustical Solutions offered. No other place had so many options.”

The Solution

Based on the current space and knowing that our panels couldn’t go down lower on the wall, we opted for placing them higher up on the walls where there was a lot of space and unlikely for a ball to hit. Mr. Rukel opted for our AlphaSorb® Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels in Guilford of Maine Whisper Fabric were the match that he was looking for; they matched the aesthetic and are budget friendly sound panels. He went with the color Secret, which matched the current protective panels down lower on the walls, color-wise, and resulted in a very nice-looking cohesive basketball court.

John Rukel Basketball Court

John Rukel’s Basketball Court

The Result

Mr. Rukel’s basketball court is now usable and pleasing to play in utilizing our AlphaSorb® Whisper acoustic panels. We used (21) 48” x 96” x 1” sound panels with our quick hanging Rotofast Snap-on anchors for ease of installation.

In the Customer’s Own Words

“There was too much echo in my basketball court. When dribbling the ball or playing music you couldn’t hear other people talking because of the echoing.” After the addition of the AlphaSorb Whisper acoustic panels: “A dramatic reduction in echoing in my basketball court”

— John Rukel

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