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Sam Leman Auto

The Issue

Sam Leman Auto, through contacting Acoustical Solutions, was able to address their sound problem in the auto repair shop of their dealership. The sound in this large open workspace reverberated throughout, making any communication impossible. Reducing the sound energy was imperative to creating a tolerable work environment for the workers.

The Challenge

Sam Leman Auto’s shop is 82′ x 131′ x 23′ high. The shop has all hard surfaces that include block walls, metal ceilings and concrete floors. Sound simply bounces between all these reflective surfaces. The space had an average reverb time of over 9 seconds. The noise generated by the equipment in the shop was exacerbating the echo problem. The mechanics could barely communicate with one another. The noise was unbearable.

Long-term exposure to noise can result in hearing loss. It can also contribute to stress responses like an increase in heart rate, breathing and blood pressure. Reducing environmental sound in industrial environments helps workers to be more productive and also maintain a healthy work experience.

The Solution

After talking about the purposed solutions, the customer decided to purchase enough material to reduce the echo to around 5 seconds. They were on a budget and needed a quick, easy low cost solution. The AlphaEnviro® PVC Sound Baffles made for a perfect fit. The shop wanted to maintain a “clean” look, so they ordered white baffles to match the existing ceiling. The baffles were hung from the ceiling in between the trusses. You wouldn’t even know the acoustic treatment was there, unless you took the time to look up. 


(117) 4′ x 4′ x2″ thick AlphaEnviro® PVC Sound Baffles in White

Sam Leman Auto

Sam Leman Auto

The Result

The customer noticed that “the echo is down due to the sound panels in the rafters.” The AlphaEnviro® PVC Sound Baffles were quick and simple to hang. The baffles met the goals of the budget and blend in well. The employees are now enjoying a lowered reverb in the room and more comfortable space. This was the perfect solution for their large, open space.

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