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Siemens PLM Software


Siemens PLM Software discovered that fabric wrapped wall panels can greatly improve speech intelligibility in a highly reverberating work environment. This, in turn, increases efficiency and productivity, along with the morale of their employees. Siemens PLM software helps transform businesses through the use of innovative digital solutions. So they clearly understand that any improvement to business processes will make companies remain competitive.

Application Introduction

At this location, Siemens PLM Software has a large room of cubicles for their call center. The space has five sets of recessed chimney-style skylights, approximately 20′ high by about 12′ square. These skylights create a huge problem, as they act like resonating echo chambers and capture and amplify the sounds from below. Then the sound bounces back down into the work area. This greatly reduces speech intelligibility and productivity to the point where it makes it difficult to work.

Treatment Provided

I recommended lining the first 6 feet of the walls with one inch thick Alphasorb® fabric wrapped wall panels using a combination of 10′ x 4′ and 2′ x 2′ panels. This would absorb sound on the way into the skylights. It also catches any sound energy on its way back down.



The first set of panels made for a successful proof of concept, and they could easily hear the difference after treatment. Afterwards, they ordered the rest of their panels. Not only are they happy with the look of the panels in the skylights, but the noise is gone. Speech intelligibility, morale and productivity is now exactly as it should be.