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Soundproof Booths and Enclosures - Danfoss Drives

The Issue

Danfoss Drives contacted Acoustical Solutions interested in designing a soundproof enclosure for a hydraulics production facility. They had a testing machine that was creating very loud noises, making it very uncomfortable for the techs to work or hold meetings nearby. This was because of the high-pitched whine and excessive echo made by the testing machine and the reflective hard surfaces around the space.

About the Client

Danfoss Drives is a global AC drive manufacturer for water and industrial applications. Their portfolio of high-quality, application-optimized AC drives maximizes process performance, saves the most energy, and minimizes emissions.

The Challenge

The noise levels were consistently at 78 dB to 79 dB where the techs worked. Danfoss Drives wanted to block the sound from the machine and reduce noise in the room so they can hold meetings and conversations without the distracting noise level.

The best treatment would be an oversized 3-sided soundproof enclosure that would block sound as well as add absorption to the room. Other acoustic panels used in the project would help reduce the echo and reverberation in the facility as well.

The Solution

An oversized 3-sided soundproof enclosure, using our PrivacyShield® Dual-Sided Absorptive Soundproofing Blankets was installed, as well as some of our AlphaSorb® Flat Foam acoustic foam throughout the space. The soundproof enclosure would block sound from going straight to the workstations. The acoustic foam, as well as the sound blankets’ absorptive facings, would help with absorbing sound and cutting down on excessive echo and reverberation.

We included AudioSeal® Clear Sound Barrier mass-loaded vinyl for windows on the enclosure, where the techs needed to visually check the machine’s monitors. We also provided a floor mounted frame with a double roller track so that they could easily roll a wall out of the way to access the machine and adjust settings. We also provided a Field Cutout Kit. This allowed them to make custom cutouts for wires, conduit, and other obstacles as needed in the field.

An oversize sound enclosure deadened the high-pitched whine of machinery

An oversize sound enclosure deadened the high-pitched whine of machinery

The Result

The noise level is much less invasive now. The soundproof enclosure along with the acoustic foam Acoustical Solutions provided has significantly deadened the high-pitched whine of the machinery and reduced the echo within the room. Conversations are much easier to be heard and they no longer need to use noise-cancelling earmuffs while the machinery is running. They are very happy with the products and the results provided by Acoustical Solutions team.

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