Steve Snider

Steve Snider


The Gabriella Foundation provides over 4,600 youth annually with high-quality dance instruction.  But they had a serious problem, sound from studios was bleeding into other areas of the space and other studios and disrupting rehearsals, lessons and preventing the foundation from doing what it does best; teaching kids the art of dance.


Application introduction:

The Gabriella Foundation’s facility offers multiple dance studios with two dance studios separated by a common wall.  That common wall did not extend to the deck of the ceiling and left a substantial gap at the top of the room.  They needed a solution that would be easy to install, adhere to local fire codes, require little to no construction and block a large portion of the sound bleeding from one dance studio to the other.


Treatment Provided:

The space required a product that would be rigid enough to be mounted to a header and footer, flexible enough to maneuver around beams, piping and electrical, and easily fabricated in the field.  The solution would also need to have a great STC and NRC rating.  Enter our AlphaComposite panels.  These panels come as 2’x4’ panels, can easily be cut, installed, and offer great STC and NRC ratings!  It was the perfect partner for the foundations existing studio space. 


The ease of installation was a relief to the foundation.  The product was easy to manipulate, fabricate onsite and most importantly, it worked!  Staci, the Director of Operations, said “It works beautifully, and they can barely hear any music coming from the dance studios in our office.  We are pleased!”