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Acoustical Solutions

  • PrivacyShield® Desktop Partition Charcoal/Slate

    PrivacyShield Press Release — Desktop Partition

    Acoustical Solutions is proud to announce the launch of our new product, the PrivacyShield® Desktop Partition. The PrivacyShield® Desktop Partition is a portable screen designed to create a small office space on any flat surface. It works great in an open office, kitchen table, or conference room environment to provide privacy and sound absorption in […] Read More »

  • AlphaSorb® Series 200 Polyester Panels

    Series 200 Press Release — Panels

    Acoustical Solutions is proud to announce the launch of our new product line, the AlphaSorb® Series 200 Polyester Acoustic Panels. Solve your noise problem while transforming your space with these decorative acoustic panels that come in five shapes and five colors to allow you to personalize your design. These felt / polyester panels are quick […] Read More »

  • COVID-19 Response

    To Our Valued Customers, At Acoustical Solutions, two of our core values is Safety and Customer Service. Our focus has always been the well-being of customer, our employee, and their families and that focus is an even bigger priority during these difficult times. As the spread of COVID-19 continues across the US and around the […] Read More »