Data Sheet AlphaPerf® Metal Cloud Data Sheet
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  1. Can the AlphaPerf panels be cut to size on site?
  2. No. These panels are custom made to order and cannot be modified in the field.

RT 60 Calculator

  • Enter your room dimensions (LxWxH in ft.) and select your product options to calculate the material required to reduce the reverberation time to your desired value.
    • 0.5 Seconds: Critical Listening Environments (Production & Broadcast Studios)
    • 1 Second: Speech Comprehension & Music Clarity (Classrooms, Conference Rooms, Music Rehearsal, Restaurants, Home Theaters)
    • 1.5 Seconds: General Speech & Music Intelligibility (Multipurpose Rooms, Houses of Worship, Small Auditoriums and Theaters)
    • 2 Seconds: Satisfactory Reverberation (Gymnasiums, Aquatic Centers, Large Auditoriums and Theaters, Exhibit Halls)

AlphaPerf® Metal Cloud

The AlphaPerf® Metal Cloud is used primarily as sound a sound absorber in noisy environments such as gymnasiums, swimming pools, pump rooms and industrial fabrication work areas.

These acoustical cloud panels consist of a corrugated metal skin with an encapsulated acoustical insulated material. The corrugated metal skin allows sound waves to enter the sound absorbing material where the sound waves are then turned to energy.


  • Elegant aesthetic
  • Variety of sizes and colors
  • Reduce reverberation and echo
  • Impact Resistance
  • Improves speech intelligibility

Technical Information AlphaPerf® Metal Cloud:

  • Sizes:
    • Width: 18″, 24″, & 30″ (Custom widths up to 30″ max)
    • Height: 12″ up to 144″ (Flat Pattern) 12″ up to 126″ (V-Groove Pattern)
  • Thickness: 2″ & 4″
  • Construction: 22 Gauge perforated galvanized steel with acoustic fiberglass fill encapsulated in black heat sealed polywrap
  • Pattern: Flat or V-Groove
  • Finish: Selection of RAL powder coated colors
  • Intended Use: Sound absorption for interior spaces
  • Fire Rating: Class A per ASTM E84
  • Mounting options: Flush or Stand-off. Various configurations available.
  • NRC: up to 1.25
Sound Absorption (Hz) 2″ nominal thickness, fill unwrapped

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