Almond #102 - Crosspoint Tiarra II

Are you looking for something to put on the walls in that RV renovation you’re working on? We are here with an RV Wall Solution for your Motorhome Renovation.

We suggest our CrossPoint Sound Absorbing Wall Fabric.  Yes, that’s right, sound absorbing wall fabric.

It’s perfect for motorhome renovations because, as you know, RV wall space is quite limited.  As a matter of fact, space in general is limited.

This fabric acts in the same way acoustic foam and acoustic wall panels do by absorbing sound waves as they come into contact with the walls,

Red Velvet #800 - Crosspoint Tiarra II which reduces reverberation and echo.

Reduced echo in a space makes it far easier to have a conversation because primary sound waves (those coming directly from the source) aren’t muddied by reflected sound waves (those that have bounced off of a surface, which results in a slight delay).  Less echo also results in improved sound quality when it comes to sound systems and music.

Styles & Designs

Mink #701 - Crosspoint Tiarra II

Additionally, CrossPoint Fabric offers advantages when it comes to aesthetics.

With so many different styles and designs, RV renovations can become aggravating when it comes time to match colors, etc.  Our CrossPoint Fabric, however, is available in many different colors that will complement any RV decor.

The fabrics can either stand out or blend in.  The Crosspoint acoustical wall fabric may be installed using the Roman Pro-838 wall fabric adhesive.