Acoustical Solutions


Acoustic Ceiling Clouds are sound absorbing materials that are suspended from a ceiling and reduce unwanted echo and reverberation in a room.

What are Acoustic Ceiling Clouds?

Acoustic Ceiling Clouds are suspended from a ceiling or other structure. They can be made from fabric wrapped panels, foam, perforated metal, polyester, or other materials. Hanging clouds from the ceiling achieves a floating look and actually increases the sound absorbing effectiveness of the material by providing an air space between the cloud and the hard reflective surface of the ceiling.

Why are Acoustic Ceiling Clouds Important?

Diamond Credit Union Bank lobby area using AlphaSorb® clouds in ceiling. Many commercial buildings, offices, schools, aquatic centers, gyms, and places of worship suffer from large amounts of reverberation and echo. This unwanted noise is caused by the hard surfaces of the walls, ceilings, and floors reflecting noises repeatedly. This reverb makes understanding conversations very difficult. Using the proper amount of ceiling clouds can absorb the reverb and turn the room into a more usable and comfortable space.

Examples of Acoustic Ceiling Clouds

AlphaSorb Series 300 Round Polyester Acoustic Cloud Unsure where to start? Check out our Alphasorb® FR701 Ceiling Clouds—they can be custom made to most any size up to 4’x10′, or contact us to discuss custom foam cloud shapes and designs.

Tips and Reminders for Acoustic Ceiling Clouds

Sonex® Geometric Ceiling Cloud - Hexagonal Questions to consider:

  1. Do you have a room with a bad echo and would prefer to utilize the ceiling area to place treatment? If so, call us to discuss options for Acoustical Ceiling Clouds.
  2. Are you looking for a visually interesting way to reduce reverb and echo in a room? Contact us to discuss custom Foam Ceiling Clouds in a variety of shapes and colors.


Acoustical Ceiling Clouds are a effective way to utilize the unused space on your ceiling to absorb the reverb and echo in your room. There are many sizes, shapes, and colors available that can help create a visually interesting design that will make the room useable and look great at the same time.

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