Acoustical ceiling treatment is sometimes the only way to address noise issues within certain spaces. If the room is a large, open area with not a lot of wall surface available for acoustical treatment, acoustic ceiling banners can be the most effective and affordable option. Similarly, even if the room is small but is getting sound reflection specifically from high ceilings, acoustic ceiling banners can provide an inexpensive ceiling treatment to break up the sound that is reverberating in the space.

What are Acoustic Ceiling Banners?

Acoustic ceiling banners are catenary-mounted acoustical treatment, designed to reduce echo and reverberation and provide sound absorption. Available in sizes up to 4′ wide by 20′ long, our acoustic ceiling banners are an inexpensive ceiling treatment for large, open spaces. The design of the product allows you to cover more space with fewer mounting points. They are the perfect material for use in buildings that have metal truss ceiling systems. When suspended or hung in a catenary fashion, the acoustic ceiling banners absorb sound on the front and back sides. This is unique, as most other acoustic treatments are mounted to a surface, which can only absorb sound on one side. These Class A fire rated ceiling treatments are easy to install. There are mounting brackets on both ends of the banners and they can easily be suspended directly to a ceiling or truss work.

AlphaFlex PVC Ceiling Banners and AlphaEnviro PVC Acoustic Panel completely turned this Natatorium (Indoor Pool) into a great sounding and super functional space.

AlphaFlex® PVC Ceiling Banners and AlphaEnviro® PVC Acoustic Panels turned this Natatorium into a great sounding space.

Why Are Acoustic Ceiling Banners Important?

Acoustic Ceiling Banners provide an effective absorption ceiling treatment to a space in need of sound clarity and speech intelligibility. Absorption reduces the echo and reverberation within the room it is installed in. Reverberation can often give the impression that there is an obnoxious noise in the background. This is mostly caused by the overall volume in the room; therefore, it can lead to ear fatigue and lower concentration for the listener. Regardless of the space, adding sound absorption will make an instant noticeable difference.

Examples Of Acoustic Ceiling Banners


AlphaFlex® PVC Ceiling Banners are a perfect ceiling treatment for places that collect a lot of moisture, like an indoor pool. Because the PVC covering creates a wipe-able, easy to clean surface, they are also perfect for places like dog kennels.


AlphaFlex® Ripstop Ceiling Banners provide exceptional sound absorption with a durable, abuse-resistant finish. The rugged material can stand up to the impact from stray basketballs and other activities in gymnasiums.


AlphaSorb® Fabric Wrapped Ceiling Banners also provide exceptional sound absorption, but with a fabric finish. These eye-pleasing banners are covered with beautiful Guilford of Maine Fabric FR701. Available in a variety of stylish colors, their attractive appearance will enhance both the aesthetics and the acoustics of any room.

So, if you are looking for an inexpensive ceiling treatment and effective option for a large, open space, acoustic ceiling banners are the perfect choice. With the different finishes for a variety of environments and with several colors available, the banners add architectural and aesthetic appeal while absorbing sound.

AlphaSorb High Impact Acoustic Panels and AlphaFlex PVC Ceiling Banners installed in the Forsythe County School Gymnasium to improve the room acoustics.

AlphaSorb® High Impact Acoustic Panels and AlphaFlex® PVC Ceiling Banners in the Forsythe County School Gymnasium improve the room acoustics.

Tips And Reminders For Acoustic Ceiling Banners

If you’re working with an architect or designer on your acoustical ceiling treatments, they should draw up ceiling plans and mounting solutions based on the installation guides provided on each of our product pages. This gives installers details and instructions, so they are ready when the products come off the delivery truck. Furthermore, make sure to prep the installation area. Even in a newly constructed space, you’ll want a ceiling clear of anything obstructing the installation process.

Also, check out the Reverb Calculator on each of the ceiling banner product pages to determine the approximate square footage of the material needed to treat your space.


All Acoustical Solutions’ acoustic ceiling banners have been designed for optimal acoustic performance for ceiling treatments, making them the best option for your acoustical needs. Our diverse product lines offer architects, designers, contractors, and residential customers so many options, no matter what their acoustical needs might be. And of course, if you have questions or need any guidance at all to get started, our sales team is always ready to help. Contact us any time for customer service you can rely on.

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