If you’re a designer, business owner, or property manager, aiming to amplify the style and acoustics in a space, you might be curious about acoustic fabrics. In this article, we’re going to discuss everything you need to know about acoustic fabric, including what it is, its benefits, ways to use it, and more!

What is Acoustic Fabric?

Guilford of Maine FR701 Fabric #2100

Guilford of Maine FR701 Fabric #2100

Acoustic fabric is a fabric type used to wrap acoustic panels to offer aesthetic options alongside the acoustic improvements performed by the panel. Unlike other materials that are overly dense or come backed with sound-altering layers like paper or acrylic, acoustic fabrics are acoustically transparent, allowing the acoustic panel to do its job unimpeded.

Acoustic fabrics like those from Guilford of Maine and SoundSuede™ provide a rich array of colors and textures used to enhance design requirements without altering acoustic treatment. While panels and other acoustic treatments alone certainly achieve the latter, acoustic fabrics exist to provide a visual improvement to best achieve your full design goals.

Acoustic Projects That Would Benefit From Acoustic Fabric Systems

If you’re curious about what kind of spaces could benefit from acoustic fabrics, we’ve got you covered. Here are just a few places you use acoustic fabrics to create the perfect sound environment while providing an aesthetic edge:

Home Theaters

Elevate your cinematic experiences! Films are, after all, the apex of a visual/auditory experience, so your theater should be as well. Instead of plain, one-dimensional acoustic panels within the theater, acoustic fabric is an excellent addition to make sure the aesthetics are covered, too. No matter the design elements of your theater, whether a home theater or a commercial one, acoustic fabrics like Guilford of Maine come in a wide array of colors and textures to meet your specific needs.

Office Spaces

Modern office designs often lean towards open spaces, which can be pretty noisy. This is a perfect situation for acoustic panels to clamp down and hone the office acoustics, but the aesthetics in the modern office shouldn’t be sidelined in this crusade. Acoustic fabric is a great way to maintain your color scheme, especially important to maintain consistency for your visual brand.

Restaurants and Cafés

The sound experience in dining spaces is as crucial as the food. Acoustic panels on walls and even panels that hang from the ceiling offer a significant upgrade to the restaurant’s atmosphere by corralling noise and reverb. In addition to the sound, the best restaurants and cafes focus on their visual atmosphere, too. Adding the right acoustic fabric to the panels will help designers achieve and maintain the desired visual aesthetic.

Music Studios

This one’s for the purists! Acoustic panels and bass traps in music studios are crucial to ensure that recordings are free from unwanted noise and echo. With a properly acoustically treated studio, every note, whether from an instrument or voice, is captured in its purest form, to ensure playback that’s true to the artist’s intent. Music studios are also unique in their atmosphere, and visuals are critical for setting the right tone to get the best performances from both performers and audio engineers. Acoustic fabric lends itself again to help music studios achieve the right look as well as sound to capture the best product.

Public Spaces and Auditoriums

Whether it’s a keynote speech, a theatrical performance, or a community announcement, sound clarity is critical. Because of the larger volume of the space involved, proper acoustic treatment with acoustic panels is even more imperative. Equally of issue with large spaces is making them seem more than just a huge, empty space; this is where visual design is important. Wrapping acoustic panels with acoustic fabric allows designers to enliven the room visually, mitigating the overbearing emptiness auditoriums and large public spaces can give off.

Acoustic Fabric Products and Their Differences

Are you looking for acoustic fabric products that are stylish, versatile, durable, and affordable? If so, you’ve come to the perfect place! Here are a few of the acoustic fabric options we offer at Acoustical Solutions:

Guilford of Maine Acoustic Fabrics

Guilford of Maine Whisper Fabric #1240

Guilford of Maine Whisper Fabric #1240

Guilford of Maine Acoustic Fabrics not only stand the test of time but also set industry standards, which is why they’ve become a trusted name among professionals seeking reliability and unparalleled excellence.

AcoustiWall Fabric Stretch System

The track system may be installed in long runs and can be customized to angled walls.

The track system may be installed in long runs and can be customized to angled walls.

The AcoustiWall Fabric Stretch System is not just another product; it’s a revolution in sound design and acoustic treatments. Its unique stretchable properties can be tailored to fit any space or dimensions. This adaptability ensures that no matter what project you’re working on, the AcoustiWall offers a functional and aesthetically pleasing acoustic solution.

SoundSuede™ Fabric

SoundSuede™ Acoustic Fabric

SoundSuede™ Acoustic Fabric

Our SoundSuede™ Fabric heightens excellent acoustic treatments via acoustic panels with a sense of luxury and style. The combination ensures that your space is both serene and extremely stylish.

CrossPoint™ Sound Absorbing Fabric

Crosspoint Sound Absorbing Fabric – Tiarra II

Crosspoint Sound Absorbing Fabric – Tiarra II

Unlike acoustically transparent acoustic fabric, the CrossPoint™ Sound Absorbing Fabric works to actually control sound. Whether it’s the gentle hum of a conversation or the intricate melodies of a musical piece, CrossPoint™ ensures that sounds remain true to their source, free from distortions and echoes.

Acoustic Fabric Customization

Your vision is unique, and we recognize that. The products we just mentioned are fantastic, but we’re also more than ready to craft panels wrapped in other acoustic fabrics of your choice. Don’t hesitate to reach out for a custom job!

Looking for High-Quality Acoustic Fabric?

Your goal should be to create the perfect sound environment while matching your interior design aesthetic, and with acoustic fabric, you can do just that! It’s the complete acoustical + visual solution for any project you might be working on, whether a home podcasting studio or theater, to a commercial auditorium or office.

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