Soundproofing and noise control are an important but often overlooked aspects of facility management. This is especially true in wineries where excess noise can destroy the laid-back ambiance.

We’ve treated spaces in wineries ranging from tasting rooms to large event halls and restaurants. Each time we get the same response: “Why didn’t we do this sooner?”  It always seems to make a difference far beyond what winery administrators expect.

King’s Family Winery

King Family Vineyard - LEED product, PolyPhon™ uses 60% recycled plastic bottles in content to create acoustic panels. To the right you can see a series of pictures taken at a Winery in Virginia.

The project is an example of what we can do to make our acoustical panels blend in with a room’s decoration.

One of the main reasons administrators at this winery didn’t call us immediately was because they thought acoustical treatment would be bulky and obvious. They were also concerned that it would detract from the room’s atmosphere.

What they learned, however, was that our low profile PolyPhon™ acoustical panels blend in with the white drywall.  This allows for the panels to effectively reduce reverberation and echo while remaining almost unnoticed to the eye.

You will probably be able to pick out the acoustical panels on the ceiling in these pictures, but it might prove more difficult to spot the panels that completely cover the wall beneath the barrels!

Click here to read the full King’s Family Vineyards Acoustical Treatment Case Study.

Burrowing Owl Estate Winery

To the right you can see a picture taken in at a winery in Canada.

Burrowing Owl Estate Winery using AlphaSorb® wall panels to reduce noise in the dining and tasting room. Administrators here contacted us after customers began to complain about the severe echo problem in the winery’s restaurant.

In this case, we were asked to create a solution that was noticeable and added to the overall design of the room.  That solution came in the form of AlphaSorb® Acoustic Panels.  These acoustic panels, which are available in a very large number of sizes, shapes and colors, reduce echo and reverberation in spaces by absorbing most of the sound waves with which they come into contact.  This prevents the sound waves from bouncing around the room (reverberating).

Click here to read the full Burrowing Owl Winery Acoustical Treatment Case Study.