• Virginia



Acoustical Solutions treated a Woodcraft store in Richmond, Virginia with acoustic baffles. The soundproofing and noise control product provider expertly solved the store’s echo issues and reverberation problems.

Application Introduction:

Woodcraft moved into a new, open building in order to accommodate their growing inventory and client base. The new expansive facility had only hard, parallel surfaces, which made the space so reverberative that communication between staff and customers was very difficult.

“When we moved in to the new building we didn’t anticipate the echo. It made it hard on the customers and the employees. No one could communicate”, says Ray Deyo Store Manager at Woodcraft.

Treatment Provided:

54 AlphaEnviro® Acoustic Panels were installed along the upper edge of all walls in the space. This addressed the biggest problem area – the bare surfaces that created flutter echo.


The reverberation time in the store went from 4.5 seconds to 2.5 seconds. This resulted in increased intelligibility and a more comforting ambiance.