At the end of last year, Acoustical Solutions added Art Acoustic Panels to our online inventory. These are acoustic wall panels with all the noise reduction capability of the highest quality acoustical treatment but are customized with graphics or photos of any variety. While we had been making them per request for a while, we waited until we developed a partnership with a printing company in Las Vegas to publicize them. This partnership makes it cost efficient for us to print images with acoustically transparent fabrics and dyes so we can create printed panels with great quality images quickly for our customers.

Since we announced the ability to add picture panels to our long list of acoustical products, sales for these printed panels have taken off. We are receiving requests from customers in all industries, including retail, residential, and educational facilities. Our printer sent us over some photos of the printing process, which they now have down to an art, pun intended.

How its made:

Donor paper is printed with a special toner. File is printed in reverse so that it is right reading when transferred to the fabric

Fabric and Printed donor paper are webbed onto the heat press. At very high heat and pressure, they meet. The toner turns into a gas and sublimates into the fabric. It reconstitutes itself on the molecular level to leave the fabric dyed. The fabric is always a 100% polyester; as other fabrics cannot handle the heat.



Fabric and paper separate leaving the fabric dyed. The paper is recycled as packaging material.

The dyed fabric can be washed, ironed, steamed.

The fabric is then used to wrap our absorbent fiberglass panels. Here is Greg wrapping some up in the Acoustical Solutions warehouse for the nonprofit, The Heart of Texas Goodwill:

Here are some finished products, you can also visit the Art Acoustic Panels on our website.