We offer a massive line of acoustical panel fabrics in a variety of colors and styles to meet just about any design requirement. The Guilford of Maine fabrics are available in various weaves and textures. Many consist of recycled content with directional and non-direction patterns. Typically, these panel fabrics are used to wrap or cover acoustical substrates, but they may also be used to create frames or partition panels. We utilize these panel fabrics to manufacture fabric wrapped panels, ceiling tiles, baffles, corner traps, and diffusers. Customers also purchase these as a stand- alone item for DIY projects.

The FR701 is easy to work with and is the industry standard for use on acoustical panel substrates. With a crepe style weave, Anchorage and Whisper host a set of vibrant colors great for creating eye-catching designs. With a disco themed color palette, the Studio 54 fabric is a polypropylene thread, making it an awesome selection when you need something cleanable. We even carry the SoundSuede™ fabric for a luxurious texture and finish for any project.