Plenum Return Silencers

Plenum Return SilencersPlenum Return Silencers



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Plenum Return Silencers are designed to fit into standard 2’ x 2’ ceiling grid systems.

These acoustical air-flow silencers are designed to reduce the office to office and mechanical noise caused by standard plenum openings in a ceiling system.

Our Plenum Return Silencers are lined with a Class 1 Fire Rated acoustical foam to absorb the sound as it passes through the silencer. It also incorporates a ninety degree turn in the silencer, to reduce direct path noise that would otherwise pass through.

The overall dimensions of our Plenum Return Silencers top opening are 23 5/8” long x 23 5/8” wide x 8” high.

Plenum Return Silencers
Model No.DescriptionPrice
SILPRS2447 1/4″ Long x 23 5/8″ Wide x 8″ High$350.00

For more information on our Plenum Return Silencers, call us at 1-800-782-5742 or contact our sales department.


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