In 2022, home studios became more popular than ever! Traditional instrument and vocal recording studios continue to be a popular hobby and professional endeavor, but the exponential growth of podcasting and electronic music production has caused demand for home and professional studios alike to really surge. The beauty of podcasting and electronic music production is their requirements essentially merge the concepts of home and professional studios, meaning that understanding and achieving excellent sound control for your personal space is now even more of a priority.

One thing that electronic music and podcasting have in common is that one person can do it, meaning the home studio with a computer, recording equipment, and speaker monitors is all that is needed! While it’s easy enough to get the gear and fit it into a bedroom or living room, acoustically treating the room will be necessary to be able to both properly monitor music production and precisely capture voices for podcasting and vocals.

This can absolutely be the difference between your hard work sounding average or sounding pristine. This difference can propel your music from the back corners of the internet to the most massive of festival speaker arrays. It can take your podcast idea from a casual, half-baked endeavor to something hundreds of thousands tune into multiple times a week. It really can come down to clean recording and playback review!

To achieve this, acoustic panels must be integrated to control reverb and create a clean auditory environment.

AlphaSorb Designer Premium Acoustic Felt Wall Panels installed on an office wall

AlphaSorb Designer Premium Acoustic Felt Wall Panels installed on an office wall

Acoustic Panels Offer Home Studios Powerful Sound Control

Acoustic panels are one of the most useful additions to any home studio looking to achieve professional results by helping control sound. Sound control is essential to properly hear what is being produced during playback when reviewing music or any audio recording, like a podcast. In addition to playback, sound control via acoustic panels is also essential when recording voices, whether it be for a podcast or for music vocals. Creating the most sonically pure environment to capture and review sound is the goal, and this can be your path from amateur to professional.

To do this, acoustic panels affixed to the walls and/or ceiling control sound by minimizing reverberation, a quality of sound that can be likened to messiness. While reverb is critically important and a feature of all great music and recordings, you want to control this quality within the software, not create it wildly from the studio’s specific acoustics. In an acoustically untamed room, even the most beautiful sounds can be effectively rendered average by poor acoustics.

Let’s take a look at the best acoustic panels for home studios in 2024 to give professional control for professional results.

Home Studio Podcasting Setup

Home Podcasting Studio Setup — Photo by Will Francis on Unsplash

The Best Acoustic Panels for Home Studios in 2024

1. AlphaSorb® Anchorage Acoustic Panel

The AlphaSorb® Anchorage acoustic panel offers sound control and aesthetics at a fantastic price point for the home studio. Offering NRCs of .85 and 1.10 for their 1” and 2” thicknesses, respectively, AlphaSorb® Anchorage offers acoustics that achieve professional results.

Additionally, AlphaSorb® Anchorage comes standard with 38 color choices and 19 size options, as aesthetic sensibilities in the home studio – especially for podcasting – can greatly aid the environment visually.

The AlphaSorb® Anchorage acoustic panels are perfectly suited for a great home studio without breaking the bank, which these days could mean getting out the next viral track or podcast sooner than later. In the modern digital creation world, striking when the iron is hot is vital if not critical, and AlphaSorb® Anchorage acoustic panels can rapidly help your home studio ascend to where it needs to be for success.

AlphaSorb® Anchorage Acoustic Panels

AlphaSorb® Anchorage Acoustic Panels

2. AlphaSorb® Whisper Acoustic Panel

The AlphaSorb® Whisper acoustic panel is another great offering from Acoustical Solutions, providing the same sound control capabilities of Anchorage while offering another level of aesthetic control and creativity.

Wrapped in Guildford of Maine Whisper acoustical fabric, AlphaSorb® Whisper comes in 36 different tranquil and saturated color tones.

#1292 Baffle – Guilford of Maine Whisper

#1292 Baffle – Guilford of Maine Whisper

3. AlphaSorb® Designer Premium Acoustic Felt Hexagon Wall Panels

Why stay square? The AlphaSorb® Designer Premium Acoustic Felt Hexagon Wall Panels provide solid acoustic control while offering a versatile aesthetic with the hexagon shape. Hexagonal acoustic panels provide an intriguing aesthetic and the ability to “paint” your design on the wall. Invent highly creative tiling shapes and designs to create a unique look, which may prove to be a distinct visual feature of your podcasting studio.

At ¾” thick, the AlphaSorb® Designer Premium Acoustic Felt Hexagon Wall Panels offer an NRC of 0.45 while fitting well into smaller home studios.

AlphaSorb Designer Premium Acoustic Felt Hexagon Wall Panels

AlphaSorb Designer Premium Acoustic Felt Hexagon Wall Panels

Achieve the Best for Your Home Studio with Acoustical Solutions

Many options exist to get your home studio off the ground, but there are few things more important than great sound control. The AlphaSorb® Acoustic Panel product line is meant to achieve premium, professional results in an easy-to-install package with outstanding aesthetic options to match.

Learn more about the advantages of AlphaSorb® fabric-wrapped panels over the competitors. If ready to truly get your home studio off of the ground, contact our experts at Acoustical Solutions today to discover which panels are perfect for your unique home studio setup.

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