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Many people find the world of acoustical treatments to be confusing and overwhelming. Here on the Acoustical Solutions Sound Advice Blog, we will concentrate on presenting solutions to typical acoustical problems and discuss relevant topics on the subject.

The posts here will be related general sound and noise control topics like blocking sound, absorbing sound, or diffusing sound.
We will also provide information on how acoustical materials can be used or applied to specific applications.

  • Tuckahoe Presbyterian Church - End wall AlphaSorb wall panels added to reduce flutter echo from parallel walls.

    Church Acoustics: Reducing Echo and Improving Speech Intelligibility in Worship Facilities

    One of the most common places you will find acoustical treatment is in worship facilities. Why? Because they almost always need it. Churches and fellowship halls are usually huge spaces with very large, blank parallel walls and vast angular ceilings.  This is a recipe for a long reverberation time (the time it takes for a […]

  • This Earth Day, Don't Forget Noise Pollution

    What is Noise Pollution? The traditional definition of noise is “unwanted or disturbing sound”. Sound becomes unwanted when it either interferes with normal activities such as sleeping, conversation, or disrupts or diminishes one’s quality of life. Noise induced stress can cause headaches, fatigue, insomnia, and irritability. Noise is the number one cause of neighborhood dissatisfaction, […]

  • How it's Made: AcoustiArt Printed Sound Absorbing Panels

    At the end of last year Acoustical Solutions added AcoustiArt Sound Absorbing Panels to our online inventory. These are acoustic wall panels with all the noise reduction capability of the highest quality acoustical treatment, but are customized with graphics or photos of any variety. While we had been making them per request for a while, […]

  • Egg Cartons Get Egg on Their Face in Acoustics Test

    So, if you’ve spend much time at all in the Acoustics Industry, sooner or later you are going to hear this:  “Well we could just put some egg cartons on the walls to treat the room.”  Not exactly.  Well, you could, but your studio or home theater will look like a recycling center and not […]

  • Find Eggs, Win Cash for Easter Candy (or whatever else you want)!

    It’s as easy as that! We want you to see who our clients are and the different acoustical treatments we provide. We also want you to tell your friends. Visit our Facebook or Pinterest page to start your egg hunt today!                                       

  • New Prints and Shapes: Artful Noise Reduction

    Traditionally, acoustical treatment has been made with functionality in mind, aesthetics taking a backseat. The way we think about and use noise control products, however, has changed and this movement is reflected in the range of artistic acoustical products now available. A popular trend at the moment is adding images to acoustical wall panels. What […]

  • Sustainable Series Acoustical Products: Earning LEED credits and Greening Buildings

    For years Acoustical Solutions, Inc. has offered products that help businesses earn Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits. This year, however, we set out to offer a cohesive line that takes advantage of all recyclable and sustainable materials available, earning more credits and easing the decision of builders to choose green products. “We […]

  • Soundproofing Small, Loud Machines: Generator and Air Compressor Noise

    Some Assembly Required The reality of it is, Acoustical Solutions focuses on correcting noise problems for whole rooms, large industrial equipment, or broader scopes in general.  But what if you have a small thing in your garage like a Air Compressor, Electrical Generator, or whatever –  and it’s just obnoxiously loud to you? We really […]

  • Super Bowl Sunday: Celebrating the Home Theater

    Few yearly events are as quintessentially American as Super Bowl Sunday. What’s better is that it appeals to such a diverse group of people… the football fanatic, the music junkie (can  you say halftime?), and the pop culture enthusiast all tune in every year. Whether you are watching it for the commercials (30 seconds of […]

  • Iso Step Floor Underlayment

    How to Soundproof (Sound Blocking)

    FOAM DOES NOT STOP SOUND FROM GOING THROUGH WALLS. I thought I should just go ahead and get that out of the way. It is used to stop echoes in a room. The reason you see it in soundproof recording studios is because they have already done things to the walls to block the sound […]