Tuckahoe Presbyterian ChurchOne of the most common places you will find acoustical treatment is in worship facilities. Why? Because they almost always need it.

Churches and fellowship halls are usually huge spaces with very large, blank parallel walls and vast angular ceilings.  This is a recipe for a long reverberation time (the time it takes for a sound to fade, similar to echo) which interferes with visitors’ ability to understand each other’s speech and increases the overall perceived noise level.

These were the exact issues that members of Tuckahoe Presbyterian Church were dealing with in their fellowship hall. The room was intended for banquets, meetings, church activities, and VBS. More often than not, the reverberation made it too loud to be comfortable.

Tuckahoe Presbyterian Church - The installation crew installing the cloud mount panels.Acoustical treatment was applied in the form of Alphasorb® Cloud Mount Panels attached to the ceiling and back wall. These panels absorb noise, keeping it from bouncing around the room off of hard surfaces and creating echo. AlphaSorb® Cloud Mount Panels are available in a wide variety of sizes and colors including the standard Guilford of Maine FR701 fabric, Anchorage, Lido, and Bailey lines. The 2″ panels have a Noise Reduction Coefficient rating of up to 1.30 at 1000 Hertz, meaning they absorb virtually all noise that comes into contact with them. These panels are a common acoustical treatment in worship facilities, music practice rooms, restaurants, banks, offices, and other commercial facilities. These panels are easily installed with a combination of eye hooks and zip-ties or T-grids and guide wire.

Watch the following video demonstrating the reverberation time and speech intelligibility before and after the acoustical treatment:

Watch this video showing the Tuckahoe Presbyterian installation:

The folks at Tuckahoe Presbyterian were thrilled with their AlphaSorb® Cloud Mount Panels and the results of their acoustical treatment. A dinner was held in the fellowship hall the next evening. We were told that the difference in the room was very noticeable. In fact, many even said the room looked better with the panels than it did without! What do you think?