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Our acoustical Door Jamb Seals secure directly to the door stop or door jamb to reduce the passage of sound around the perimeter of a door. These acoustic seals feature a unique compression design with a sound absorbing neoprene rubber gasket that molds to form a tight seal against the door surface. This seal augments the sound performance of the sound rated door assemblies that might otherwise have irregularities causing air gaps.

These acoustical door jambs are listed for use with both wood and metal doors. The #475 and #485 seals simply attach to the existing door stop. The #170 and #770 jambs are adjustable seals and are heavy duty enough for use in place of a traditional door stop and require a minimum setback of 3 ⅜” for door handle, unless you use the jamb as the stop.

Door jamb seals may be ordered in standard sizes of 36, 48, 84, and 96 inches to fit most standard door sizes. The 96″ length is only available in Aluminum. Seals should be cut on site to fit the specific size of each door.

These door jamb seals are often used in conjunction with automatic door bottoms and door thresholds to provide a complete door seal or purchased as an Acoustic Door Seal Kit.

Technical Information for Door Jamb Seals:

  • Size: 36″, 48″, 84″, 96″, or custom as required
  • Color: Aluminum, Dark Bronze Anodized (Dark Bronze not available in 96″ length)(
  • Type:
    • 485: This is the most basic door seal and attaches to the door stop on a door frame.
    • 475: Similar to the 485, except this model has a convenient snap on cover to hide mounting screws.
    • 170: Adjustable neoprene sponge seal typically used as the door stop and seal.
    • 770: Adjustable neoprene bubble seal typically used as the door stop and seal. The bubble seal on this kit has a compression range of 0.310.”
  • Tolerance: +/- 1/8″

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