We use acoustic (or acoustical) fabric in a variety of ways here at Acoustical Solutions. If you are looking for a fabric to wrap your Acoustical Panels or to cover speakers and amplifiers, we have a multitude of fabric options. We primarily use Guilford of Maine Fabrics for our standard panels but are not limited to those alone. We can also apply Maharam, Noel, and Carnegie fabrics to your panels to spruce up your room with their bright vibrant color and pattern options.

We offer the Crosspoint Fabric designed to absorb mid to high frequency sound and reduce ambient noise. The Crosspoint Fabric is great for use as a wall covering when you are seeking to cover the entire wall to knock the first reflection down slightly.

What is Acoustic Fabric?

Acoustic fabric is used for wrapping acoustical wall panels, our Guilford of Maine fabrics and Sound Suede, are designed to let sound energy into an acoustical panel to do its job, rather than reflecting sound off the surface like other fabrics. We also offer a variety of sonically transparent fabrics that are excellent for replacing your speaker grille cloth. The Crosspoint Acoustical Fabric is a great wall covering for exhibits & displays, conference rooms, theaters, elevators and schools.

Crosspoint Sound Absorbing Fabric

Crosspoint Sound Absorbing Fabric

Why are Acoustic Fabrics Important?

Choosing a fabric that fits your design can make or break a project once completed and we seek to offer quality fabrics perfect for your job. Our acoustic fabrics are ideal for wrapping or covering sound absorbing material when used on a fabric stretch system and acoustical panels. Each fabric we offer has been tested for NRC and Fire Rating ensuring they will meet your specification. The fabric is acoustically transparent, 100% post-consumer recycled polyester, and Class A fire rated per the ASTM E84 test. The Guilford of Maine fabrics we offer are cleanable with a water-based cleaning agent.

The Crosspoint Fabric is important because it improves speech intelligibility at a low cost. It softens the sound and reduces reflections within the standard speech frequency range. Made of a recycled polyester blend fiber with good stain resistance, plus being durable and easy to maintain, this fabric meets your specification needs. It is also class A fire rated!

Guilford of Maine Palette Fabric

Guilford of Maine Palette Fabric

Examples of Acoustic Fabrics

Please read this case study to learn about how our acoustical fabric is used on acoustical panels in an restaurant that helped reduce the overall noise level in the space.

Tips and Reminders for Acoustic Fabrics

  • When it comes to Acoustical Fabrics you have a wide variety of colors to choose from.
  • Guilford of Maine fabrics ship as a continuous piece.
  • Crosspoint Fabric is also available in a wide variety of colors and is easily applied with a heavy-duty wall covering adhesive.


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