We read an article recently about noisy restaurants and it got us thinking.  What first sparked our reflection was this passage:

” … many restaurateurs often fail to consult with acoustical experts during the design process because of the cost … “

When we read this we immediately switched over to our Facebook window and shared with the world (or at least those in the world who are friends with us on Facebook) that we will speak with anyone via telephone, telegraph or email about their acoustical projects … FOR FREE!!

So please, ask away.  That’s why we’re here!

After we bragged a bit on Facebook we started to ask ourselves, “What else doesn’t the world know about Acoustical Solutions?”  Here is some of what we came up with …

Acoustical Solutions is Worldwide

We’re located in Richmond, VA, but sell acoustical products to customers through out the United Stats and worldwide.

We Also Install

If you’re in the right corner of the world, not only will we sell you top-quality noise control solutions, we’ll install them too.  Below are photos and links to some projects we’ve installed.

Roslyn Retreat and Conference Center - Custom fit AlphaSorb® fabric wrapped wall panels for a beautiful finish. LU Rehearsal Room - AlphaSorb® wall panels and AlphaPerf® ceiling clouds to reduce reverb time to 1.5 seconds. Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art

We’re Experienced

Acoustical Solutions has been in business for more than 28 years, but our sales staff and president have more than 154 years of combined experience in the acoustics industry.