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Shaw Modular Solutions


Cafeteria noise and echo was quite unwelcome at Shaw Modular Solutions, especially during that important time in the middle of the day when a bit of relaxation is much needed.

By treating a Louisiana manufacturing facility’s cafeteria with sound deadening acoustic panels, Acoustical Solutions was able to ease more than a few lunchtime woes.

Application Introduction:

Shaw Modular Solutions, a manufacturing facility at the Port of Lake Charles in southwest Louisiana designed and built the cafeteria to match the rest of their new facility. It had a polished, industrial look with hard lines and even bare walls. There was a lot of concrete and steel, which are both naturally reflective.  So, out of the gate there were several acoustical issues.

The Acoustical Solutions team determined that the cafeteria’s main problems were:

  • Slapback echo caused by reflective surfaces and characterized by a significant amount of high frequency noise
  • Flutter echo, which occurs when two parallel surfaces reflecting sound between one another and causes a listener to hear the reflections between them as distinct echoes
  • A reverberation time of 3.5 to 4 seconds (similar to a small gymnasium)

Treatment Provided:

One of the main objectives for this project, aside from solving the obvious acoustical problems, was to maintain the look and feel of the industrial design- and there is no better product for this than AlphaPerf® Metal Acoustic Panel.

These industrial, yet polished-looking acoustic panels are made up of a perforated metal skin encapsulated an acoustical fiberglass sound absorber.

The texture of the metal facing allows some sound energy to be deflected and diffused, while it absorbs the rest. The encapsulated fiberglass transforms the absorbed portion of noise from sound energy to heat energy.


With AlphaPerf® Metal Acoustic Panels, Shaw Modular Solutions ended up with an extremely effective sound control solution that added to the intended industrial design and style of the cafeteria.

The reverberation time was cut in half to 1.5 – 2 seconds; which is the point at which hearing and speech clarity are considered acceptable.