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The Sound Advice Blog

Many people find the world of acoustical treatments to be confusing and overwhelming. Here on the Acoustical Solutions Sound Advice Blog, we will concentrate on presenting solutions to typical acoustical problems and discuss relevant topics on the subject.

The posts here will be related general sound and noise control topics like blocking sound, absorbing sound, or diffusing sound. We will also provide information on how acoustical materials can be used or applied to specific applications.

  • Michigan Home Studio utilizing sound diffusers in a home studio.

    Studio Acoustics: Treat Recording and Live Rooms

    Introduction Studio acoustics is probably one of the most complicated subjects for any article covering acoustics. The reason for this is that there are so many different points to consider, such as: Room size and shape Need for sound isolation Dual purpose rooms requiring variable acoustics Personal preferences Budget constraints And on and on it […] Read More »

  • Tuckahoe Presbyterian Church

    Reduce Echo in Worship Facilities

    Will Acoustic Panels Reduce Echo in Worship Facilities? The need to reduce echo in worship facilities is a very common need. As such, one of the most common places you will find acoustic panels is in churches and other worship facilities. Churches and fellowship halls are usually huge spaces with very large, blank parallel walls and […] Read More »

  • AcoustiArt Acoustic Panel

    How it's Made: Acoustic Art Printed Sound Absorbing Panels

    At the end of 2014, Acoustical Solutions added Art Acoustic Panels to our online inventory. These are acoustic wall panels with all the noise reduction capability of the highest quality acoustical treatment but are customized with graphics or photos of any variety. While we had been making them per request for a while, we waited […] Read More »

  • LEED Logo

    Sustainable Series Acoustical Products: Earning LEED credits and Greening Buildings

    For years Acoustical Solutions, LLC. has offered products that help businesses earn Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits. However, this year, we set out to offer a cohesive line that takes advantage of all recyclable and sustainable materials available, earning more credits and easing the decision of builders to choose green products. We […] Read More »

  • Outdoor Noise Path Diagram

    Sound Barriers: Absorptive vs. Reflective

    We’ve all seen soundbarriers or sound walls along highways, neighborhoods, construction sites and many other noisy areas. They’re normally concrete, wood, plastic or even vinyl blankets. Read about our various outdoor soundproofing products here. Most are quite effective at reducing highway noise, construction noise and many other forms of noise pollution, but depending on their properties, they could be causing more problems than they’re fixing. This article will discuss the properties that should be considered when shopping for one of these sound barriers, specifically reflective vs. absorptive properties. Read More »

  • The Green Glue Noiseproofing system is designed to work with damping compound, acoustical sealant, Whisper™ Clips and joist tape to provide a complete soundproofing solution.

    How to Soundproof (Sound Blocking)

    Foam Does not Stop Sound from Going Through Walls To tackle the topic of “how to soundproof”, I thought I should just go ahead and get that out of the way. It is used to stop echoes in a room. The reason you see it in soundproof recording studios is that they have already done […] Read More »

  • Outdoor Noise Path Diagram

    Enclosures can Amplify Escaping Noise

    Recently, an Acoustical Solutions customer asked the following about acoustical enclosures: “What do you recommend to reduce the noise from my neighbor’s swimming pool equipment? The equipment is up against the exterior stucco wall of his home and is also enclosed be a 3-sided concrete block walls with a wooden door. There is no top […] Read More »

  • The Float Horizen float therapy center installed moisture, bacteria & fungi resistant Polysorpt® panels in their salt therapy room for a quiet, enjoyable spa experience.

    What do Acoustical Wall Panels do?

    Large, open rooms like churches, auditoriums, and concert halls often have sound issues, with reverberations and echoes lessening the sound quality. It can create a noisy, unpleasant experience and make it difficult to hear, especially if the room is full of different sounds. To manage the sounds in these spaces, we find it advantageous to […] Read More »