When most people think about acoustic wall panels, they think about their functional purpose. After all, the primary purpose of acoustic wall panels is to absorb noise and reduce reverberation and echo in a room or space. However, acoustic panels can serve a decorative purpose, too.

Decorative acoustic panels minimize sound reflections and create comfortable acoustic environments while also elevating a room’s design. In other words, a decorative acoustic panel serves the added purpose of enhancing a room’s appearance.

Perhaps the best way to understand the impact of decorative acoustic wall panels is to see them in action. In this article, we’ll share a dozen inspiring decorative acoustical panels to inspire your next design.

12 Decorative Acoustic Panels to Inspire Your Design

These twelve decorative acoustical wall panels perfectly illustrate how an acoustic panel can be both functional and stylish:

1. Whimsical Charm with Primary Colors

AcoustiWall Fabric Stretch System is adaptable and may be configured for any project, even ones with unique design requirements.

With their semi-rigid fiberglass core and fabric finish, this option offers an NRC (noise reduction coefficient) of up to .95. These brightly colored decorative acoustic panels make a fun impact against the white backdrop. By pairing primary colors with various square sizes, this wall is the perfect example of creating a fun design with decorative acoustical panels.

2. A Dimensional Stone-Look Wall

AlphaSorb Designer Premium Acoustic Felt Wall Panels Building Lobby Installation

These decorative acoustic panels for walls come in 34 different colors and five different size options, allowing for incredible customization. Designed with acoustical felt and an air cavity core, these panels were made for easy installation and maximum sound absorption. In this example, you can see how easy it is to create dimensional walls that mimic the architectural look of a stone wall with decorative acoustic panels.

3. Interesting Patterns from Melamine Foam Panels (MFPs)

American International School of Jeddah - For this project, the contractor installed, cut, and painted Flat Acoustical Foam, in combination with our Pyramid Acoustic Foam, for a unique, designer finish.

With a Class A fire rating, these Melamine Foam Panels can be used in any architectural environment. They come in shades of grey and white and can be coated with acoustical paint to fit any motif. Since they’re made of foam, they can be cut into any shape that suits your design – like this inspiring scale-like design from the American International School of Jeddah.

4. A Geometric Signature Piece with Hexagonal Acoustic Panels

AlphaSorb Designer Premium Acoustic Felt Hexagon Wall Panels installed in a Yoga studio

These hexagonal-shaped acoustic panels made from polyester will add pizzazz to any design. With their geometric shape and bold color options, these decorative acoustical panels make it easy to create a signature piece with your acoustic panels.

5. A Modern Look With Mix-and-Match Colors and Shapes

AlphaSorb Designer Premium Acoustic Felt Wall Panels installed on an office wall

Made from felt, these modern-looking acoustical panels come in 32 different colors and multiple size configurations, making modern walls like this possible. Marrying contemporary color combinations with an interesting pattern is a terrific way to use acoustic panels to enhance your design.

6. Fabric-Wrapped Acoustic Panels

Blairland Baptist Church - AlphaSorb® panels on rear wall of stage area.

This building is a worship center, gym, and multi-media center, but the echo made it impossible to communicate effectively in this multi-purpose space. In addition to acoustic solutions on the ceilings and walls, these gorgeous maroon, felt-covered acoustic panels helped to eliminate the echo in an aesthetically-pleasing, cost-effective way. It just shows you can have an attractive acoustic solution on a budget.

7. Enhancing a Professional Conference Room

How to install acoustic panels in a conference room

Conference rooms house important meetings and collaboration. As such, the acoustics must be just right. Thankfully, you can add acoustic panels into a conference room and enhance the look of the space. These large, felt-covered, rectangular, teal acoustic panels are a perfect example of integrating them into your design.

8. Bright Red Acoustic Panels in a Theater-Styled Design

The SoundSuede™ Acoustic Panels at Gloucester High School Auditorium soften the sound with a theater styled design.

This high school auditorium didn’t play it safe with its decorative acoustic panels. Instead, they chose bright red panels made from suede in a theater-styled design to add elegance to their sound absorption solution. The suede material isn’t just elegant. It also has an NRC of up to 1.24 for maximum noise absorption.

9. A Relaxing and Neutral Work Space

AlphaSorb® Wood Fiber Acoustic Panels lowers reverberation in retail and office spaces.

These wood fiber acoustic panels in neutral tones do a terrific job of making this workspace feel calming. The decorative acoustical panels reduce reverberation and echo while creating a calming aesthetic effect. Since they’re made from wood fiber, they naturally feel pretty Zen. Pair them with a neutral color story, and you get a calming environment.

10. Black and Grey Triangles

Series 200 Triangles Design Kit 03

Who says acoustic decorative wall panels have to be square or rectangular? These peel-and-stick black and grey triangles prove that an unexpected pattern can be stylish and sophisticated. Triangles are an excellent choice if you don’t want to step too far outside what’s expected, but you still want to make a geometric impact.

11. Make Art Out of Decorative Acoustic Panels

Due to the versatile nature of the track system, just about any custom design can be created.

This acoustic panel system allows for total customization. The semi-rigid core and felt combination allows for optimum flexibility. As a result, these panels were made to look like actual art hanging on the wall, which goes to show that the only limit is your imagination.

12. A Freestanding Room Divider

The VersiPanel Partition Wall allows you to create an acoustic dividing wall for use in offices, music production, classrooms or in any application to increase privacy.

If getting a decorative acoustic panel seems overwhelming, you can still use your acoustic solutions to aesthetically enhance your space. This versatile room divider can be configured to fit your space quickly and effectively and still look amazing.

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