Last week we shared our how-to videos related to acoustically treating recording studios, edit bays, home theaters and houses of worship. This week we would like to show you some of the products and techniques associated with acoustically treating gymnasiums, industrial facilities and offices/conference rooms. Visit our YouTube channel to see all of our videos.

How to Acoustically Treat your Gymnasium

Everyone knows gyms can be a nightmare when it comes to acoustics. Their hard, flat, parallel surfaces create the perfect environment for echo and reverberation. Both of which seriously deteriorate speech intelligibility and increase the amount of overall noise in the room.

Whether you’re trying to hear an announcer at a basketball game or trying to hear instructions in PE class, understanding speech in important. Also, reducing the overall noise prevents a lot of headaches.

How to Acoustically Treat a Factory or Industrial Facility

Keeping noise under control in factories and industrial facilities isn’t just a good idea, it’s the law. The health and safety of employees is a major concern in these types of spaces. Noise can be just as harmful as many large equipment or hazardous chemicals.

We’re very experienced in helping facility managers meet and exceed OSHA regulations. Our diverse line of products allows us to customize each project to address each problem individually.

How to Acoustically Treat an Office or Conference Room

Acoustics in the workplace are hugely important on many levels.

Keeping noise to a minimum improves concentration and boosts productivity. In today’s crowded office and cubicle environments minimal noise is easier said than done…until you contact professionals such as ourselves.

Privacy is also important in office and conference room environments, so this video includes information about soundproofing a door.

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