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Resilient Sound Isolation Clip (RSIC-1) Backer

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Product Description

The Resilient Sound Isolation Clip (RSIC-1) Backer is a heavy duty mount you can use together with RSIC-1 clips. This combination creates the only complete noise isolation system that can support heavy items.

Use the RSIC-1 Backer for new or retrofit construction, and for when you need to acoustically decouple items for noise and vibration isolation.

A few examples of possible uses for the RSIC-1 Backer: Cabinet Support, Chalk boards, Projector screens, Handicap grab bars, Lockers, TV wall mount support, Handrails.

Technical Information for Resilient Sound Isolation Clip Backer

  • Size: 3″ wide x 6″ long x 1-5/8″ deep
  • Construction: Natural and manufactured rubber molded to isolate ferrule (zinc-electroplated steel) from 16 gauge galvanized or aluminum-zinc coated clip. Minimum of 12 micro-vibration controlling pedestals at point of contact with framing member. Engineered for use with 16g steel track (Provided by installer)
  • Intended use: The RSIC-1 Backer is designed for use with the RSIC-1 clip to support heavy loads in wall and ceiling construction assemblies to prevent sound and vibration transmission to improve STC and IIC ratings.
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 108 lbs., 216 lbs.

Installation Method

Please refer to the installation guide in the documents tab of this page.

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