Few yearly events are as quintessentially American as Super Bowl Sunday. What’s better is that it appeals to such a diverse group of people. From the football fanatic, the music junkie (can you “say halftime?”), and the pop culture enthusiast all tune in every year. Whether you are watching it for the commercials (30 seconds of ad space costs around 2.5 million dollars), or to root for your team, what is always important is where you are watching the game from. Every true fan of the Super Bowl dreams of having the perfect home theater from which to view the game. In this entry, we celebrate the home theater. We will share some tips and tricks on how to use principles of acoustics to create the ideal-sounding space.

How to Soundproof a Home Theater

Home theaters can be wonderful places to relax, retreat and entertain. If acoustics are overlooked, however, any home theater can become a nuisance to the rest of the house and an echoic mess. In creating a home theater, two issues need to be addressed, soundproofing and sound absorption. We discuss this in our article “How to Soundproof a Home Theater.”

Case Study: Creating a High-End Listening Room

Turning an unfinished basement into a high end listening room can be challenging, especially when you need to keep the design consistent with the rest of the house. Keeping the space looking good was important. But the homeowner really wanted to make sure the end result was a place where he could kick back and enjoy quality sound and video. Learn how we helped the homeowner create a high-end listening room.

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