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AQFA-10 Absorber Sound Blanket

(9 customer reviews)


Thickness: 2"
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The AQFA-10 Absorber Sound Blanket is used to add sound absorption to interior applications to reduce reverberation and echo. AQFA-10 Absorber Blankets are constructed using two layers of one inch thick quilted fiberglass absorption (QFA) and feature a durable vinyl facing.

Our AQFA-10 blanket is available in a variety of colors and stitch patterns, and can be made in any size up to 4′ x 25′. AQFA-10 blankets are ideal for large reflective industrial environments where reverberant noise energy needs to be reduced. They may also be used to improve sound transmission loss when used in enclosures or to supplement other structures.

Typical uses include industrial plants, gymnasiums, auditoriums and warehouses. These sound absorption blankets are Class 1 fire-rated and have a sound absorption rating of 0.85. If you are looking for an STC rated sound blocking blanket, you may be interested in our ABSC-25 AudioSeal® Combination Sound Blanket.

You can order our standard 4′ x 8′ blanket panels online. Other sizes and configurations are available, please contact us with your specific requirements.


Sound blanket panels or sound blanket rolls are available for use in interior applications. Blanket panels are easily hung using factory installed grommets. Blanket rolls are a great raw material when you are choosing to install the material using your own mounting.

Sound Blanket Panels
  • Sound blanket panels in 4′ widths or custom lengths as required up to 25′ long
  • Bound along all edges and produced with grommets along top edge for hanging
  • Other configurations available.
Sound Absorption (Hz) per ASTM C423


Sound Transmission Loss (Hz)
per ASTM E90-75

*While this product does provide some sound blocking capability, it’s primary purpose is to absorb sound reflections to improve the quality of sound within an interior space. Please consider using our ABSC-25 Sound Blanket for applications that require blocking sound transmission.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

Industrial grade quilted acoustical blankets may be cleaned by using a vacuum cleaner or broom to remove the debris from the blanket surfaces. In addition, any product surface that is not a scrim facing may be cleaned with an air hose or any non-solvent based cleaning product.

A typical “all purpose cleaner” that contains ingredients such as “water, detergents, and grease cutter” is recommended. Similar suitable brand names are Formula 409, Top Job, Spic & Span, and Mr. Clean.

For more information on our AQFA-10 Absorber Sound Blanket,
call us at 800.782.5742 or contact our sales department.

Customer Reviews

9 reviews for AQFA-10 Absorber Sound Blanket

  1. Snyder

    This is a great, effective product from Acoustical Solutions.

  2. Sarah Webb

    Bought this to block traffic noise through bedroom window, and it works like a charm!

  3. Verified Customer

    Great product so far

  4. Verified Customer

    worked, thank you

  5. Verified Customer

    We purchased this to go over a doorway between 2 apartments. Prior to that, we could hear voices so clearly. Now it's cut down both voices and other noises dramatically. It also seems to be made with high quality materials and feels very durable. Definitely well worth the investment.

  6. Verified Customer

    I use this blanket to keep outside noise outside. It is very effective, and looks great, very well made! I will certainly recommend your products.

  7. Verified Customer

    Used this to mask the noise of a residential mechanical closet, works excellently

  8. Verified Customer

    We use them as a noise barrier.

  9. Verified Customer

    very good product, used to cut down sound in maintenance room works great.