Eagle Gun Range - Dallas Fort Worth, Texas The biggest clue that soundproofing a gun range is important is the fact that patrons must wear ear protection! The sound of gunshots can cause hearing damage due to the high decibel levels produced in these facilities. Also, even in an environment where you expect to hear gun fire, the loud sound can be startling. Whether it is outdoor or indoor, soundproofing a gun range is essential for employees, patrons and neighbors.

It is important to consider the two distinct problems indoor and outdoor gun ranges face. When soundproofing a gun range that is indoor, the primary focus of the treatment is to protect the patrons and employees in the building. Blocking the sound is certainly necessary but may have already been addressed when the facility was built. When soundproofing a gun range that is outdoor, the primary concern of the treatment is containing the sound to keep the neighbors happy.  This means controlling outdoor sound, so the adjacent businesses and residents are not exposed to excessive noise from the gun shot blasts.

Indoor Shooting Range

Generally, the construction of an indoor gun range consists of bare walls and floors for safety reasons. These reflective, hard surfaces create echo and reverberation. This, coupled with the loud gun blasts, creates a sound that can be overwhelming. Adding materials that absorb sound will help reduce the sound pressure within the room. Lining the walls of the room with AQFA-10 Sound Absorber Blankets or installing Acoustic Foam on the ceiling will help prevent the sound from reflecting back into the room. If you want a sound blanket that will also block sound, consider using the ABSC-25 AudioSeal® Combination Sound Blanket. The ABSC-25 blankets contain a mass loaded vinyl barrier septum between two layers of sound absorbing quilt to absorb and block sound. Impact resistant PolyPhon™ Polyester Panels provide absorption and will not shatter if pierced with a bullet. To soundproof the structure, read Soundproofing a Wall.

The Eagle Gun Range in Dallas-Fort Worth needed a sound solution for their indoor gun range. For both the safety and comfort of their visitors and employees, they had to find a way to reduce the reverberation time and decibel level of the gunfire. To address this issue, PolySorpt® Acoustic Panels were installed. By completely covering the back and side walls, there are almost no hard surfaces exposed.  From an aesthetic point of view, this blends in perfectly with the range and so there are no visual distractions.  The PolySorpt® Acoustic Panels made the shooting range quiet.

Outdoor Shooting Range

When soundproofing a gun range that is outdoors, we suggest using AQFA-10EXT Exterior Absorber Sound Blankets to line any outdoor enclosures to provide absorption. To block the direct path of sound, the ABBC-13EXT AudioSeal® Exterior Sound Blanket may fasten to fences and other supporting structures. Exterior sound blankets offer UV resistant heavy-duty vinyl over quilted fiberglass. Our clients find these blankets simple to install with the grommets across the top and bottom edges.  This makes attaching them on wood fencing or existing walls very simple. We carry a range proven sound solutions to make employees, patrons and neighbors of the gun range more comfortable.

Desired Results:

When soundproofing a gun range, the objective will most likely be to reduce the noise on the range for the users as well as blocking the noise so that adjacent businesses or residential areas are not disturbed.

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