Lambert’s Point Community Center - Custom cut AlphaSorb® wall panels to fit into designer’s look to soundproof this multipurpose room. When soundproofing a multipurpose room, the ultimate goal is to provide a space with premium quality acoustics for all occasions. As the name implies, a multipurpose room can host a variety of events. It could be gatherings sized for sporting events or just for donuts and coffee with colleagues. The success of the event may rely on the ability of the guest to enjoy the space.  As the guests fill a room, sounds in the room begin to reflect off the walls. As this background noise accumulates, the room begins to echo, and the speech intelligibly suffers. 

Multipurpose rooms can be a variety of shapes and constructed with an assortment of materials. Some may be more like a gymnasium with high rafter ceilings and cinder block walls. Some may be like fellowship halls and community centers with carpet or tile floors, drywall and T-bar ceilings. To address these concerns, we must analyze each type of multipurpose room. Noise that reflects off of any hard surface is the number one culprit of poor acoustics. To limit the amount of hard, reflective surfaces, you must add sound absorptive materials. 

If the multipurpose room is designed for sports, like a typical gymnasium, we recommend you read soundproofing a gymnasium. For medium to large spaces, fabric wrapped acoustical panels and ceiling clouds offer a high quality look over typical types of sound baffles used in most gymnasiums. Alternatively, suspending acoustic foam clouds creates a designer ceiling. There are also direct to ceiling options. In some spaces, Polyphon™ Polyester Panels with mechanical fasteners or acoustical foam  glued to the ceiling make great alternatives to other ceiling treatments. The best part is that you wouldn’t even realize there is an acoustical treatment in the room, unless you looked up!

Desired Results:

When soundproofing a multipurpose room, the mission may vary depending on the activities taking place in the space. That being said, if you intend on having events with amplified sound, you will want to add enough material to get the reverberation (RT60) down to about 1.5 seconds in the speech frequencies.

Acoustic Materials for Soundproofing a Multipurpose Room:

Featured Applications: