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The Sound Advice Blog

Many people find the world of acoustical treatments to be confusing and overwhelming. Here on the Acoustical Solutions Sound Advice Blog, we will concentrate on presenting solutions to typical acoustical problems and discuss relevant topics on the subject.

The posts here will be related general sound and noise control topics like blocking sound, absorbing sound, or diffusing sound. We will also provide information on how acoustical materials can be used or applied to specific applications.

  • The Float Horizen float therapy center installed moisture, bacteria & fungi resistant Polysorpt® panels in their salt therapy room for a quiet, enjoyable spa experience.

    What do Acoustical Wall Panels do?

    Large, open rooms like churches, auditoriums, and concert halls often have sound issues, with reverberations and echoes lessening the sound quality. It can create a noisy, unpleasant experience and make it difficult to hear, especially if the room is full of different sounds. To manage the sounds in these spaces, we find it advantageous to […] Read More »