Whisperwave Ribbon Acoustic Foam Panels installed at Southside Virginia Community College.

Whisperwave® Ribbon Acoustic Foam Panels installed at Southside Virginia Community College.

I work with architects and designers every day. I love seeing how they put our products to work because in addition to having a functional purpose the materials they select also play a big role in advancing their design objective. They do that by making intentional decisions about color, shape, and texture, and by considering every available surface — walls, ceilings, and floors. Wave acoustic panels are incredibly popular among designers because they offer both visual impact and acoustic performance.

Because of the unique wavy form and dimension, these sound absorbing panels have become incredibly popular. More and more businesses are removing drop-tile ceilings to modernize and open up their space not realizing it would create an echo chamber. Or they have high ceilings and blank wall surfaces in a room that’s just difficult to hear in. In either scenario, wave acoustic panels can be a great fit.

In this article, I will discuss everything you need to know about wave acoustic panels, where you can install them, their benefits, and a few product recommendations to help get you started. Before we get into all that, let’s take a second to cover the basics.

What Are Wave Acoustic Panels?

Wave acoustic panels are an innovative sound-absorbing material designed to reduce echo reverberation and excess noise in an area. Most business owners, homeowners, and architects in commercial buildings, home theaters, restaurants, common areas, and other places require a higher level of soundproofing than what traditional materials can provide.

They’re made from open-cell melamine-based foam and typically come in 2’ x 4’ or 4’ x 8’ panels. The 2’ x 4’ panels are 2” thick, and the 4’ x 8’ panels come in a variety of thicknesses, ranging from 2”, 2.5”, and 3”, or custom as required. As an acoustic specialist, I highly recommend the 3” wave acoustic panel because it absorbs more sound.

Where Can Wave Acoustic Panels Be Installed?

Wave acoustic panels are most often hung from ceilings. You may have seen them in restaurants, board rooms, and other places where the owners took the time to ensure their rooms had great acoustics. They’re used that way most often, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only way to use them.

In fact, since you can make the backs of acoustic wave panels flat, they can be used as wall- or surface-mounted panels. For a better idea of what wave acoustic panels look like, check out two of our previous projects: Rockbridge Vineyard and Agati Furniture.

Installation Pro Tip: When installing the wave acoustic panels, you should wear new medical gloves and change them between touching different products. While it may sound counterproductive, you want to ensure you don’t transfer harmful or dirty substances on the foam, because it’s very porous. I recommend hanging all your cables first, changing gloves, and then handling your acoustic wave panels and remembering to handle them gently.

The Benefits of Acoustic Wave Panels for Sound Absorption

Sound absorption is key to creating a pleasing acoustic environment in any space, and wave acoustic panels have proven to be highly effective when it comes to sound absorption, by helping business owners and architects create excellent sound quality in their residential and commercial buildings. Here are the four primary benefits of using wave acoustic panels in your development and design projects:

1. Lightweight Design

Wave acoustic panels feature a lightweight, open-cell foam that makes them easy to handle and install.

2. Easy Installation

Due to their lightweight design, wave acoustic panels are also incredibly easy to install compared to other acoustic solutions.

3. High Absorption Rate

Wave acoustic panels offer high absorption rates, making them ideal for areas with a lot of excess noise. If your goal is to absorb as much sound as possible, these are the products for you.

4. Aesthetic Design Versatility

Wave acoustic panels come in a wide variety of rich colors that can really liven up any space. There are many different styles available, so it’s easy to find one that will fit your design aesthetic.

Quick Designer Tip: It’s important to know that while you can install acoustic wave panels in almost any room, there are some limitations. Be sure to look out for lighting fixtures, air ducts, and sprinkler systems when installing anything on your ceiling. It’s also critical to stay mindful of fire safety laws and regulations.

Wave Acoustic Panels from Acoustical Solutions

There’s no need to search because we have the perfect products right here! Here are the highly stylish, state-of-the-art wave panels acoustic treatments from Acoustical Solutions:

Whisperwave® Ribbon Acoustic Foam

Whisperwave Ribbon Acoustic Foam Panels installed at Southside Virginia Community College.

Whisperwave® Ribbon Acoustic Foam Panels installed at Southside Virginia Community College.

The Whisperwave® Ribbon Acoustic Foam is specifically designed with a flat back, so you can use it on flat surfaces like walls and ceilings. As a result, it’s much different than your typical wave acoustic panels, which are meant to be hung to create optimal sound absorption in low- to high-ceiling rooms.

Whisperwave® Sound Baffle

Whisperwave Sound Baffle

Whisperwave® Sound Baffle

The Whisperwave® Sound Baffle is designed to create movement. Its lightweight design and easy-to-install wall-to-wall system also make it the perfect solution for any space. The foam baffles are also Class 1 fire-rated and come in a ton of different colors.

Whisperwave® Ribbon Sound Baffle

Whisperwave Ribbon Sound Baffle

Whisperwave® Ribbon Sound Baffle

The Whisperwave® Ribbon Sound Baffle is similar to the Whisperwave® Ceiling Cloud—in fact, both solutions are almost identical in design—except this product is meant to be hung vertically instead of horizontally. When it comes to wave acoustic panels, it’s all about design and style, so it’s just another sound-absorbing panel in your design arsenal.

Whisperwave® Ceiling Cloud

At Verisk Health, the Whisperwave Ceiling Clouds and Anchorage panels offer a clean design element and improve the room for teleconferencing.

At Verisk Health, the Whisperwave® Ceiling Clouds and Anchorage panels offer a clean design element and improve the room for teleconferencing.

The Whisperwave® Ceiling Cloud is one of our most popular wave acoustic panels, and it doesn’t take much to understand why. It’s a go-to acoustical solution because it’s not just a square panel. Its wavy form is extremely interesting to look at, so it adds visual intrigue to your room’s design. Plus, the panels can be woven to create eye-catching shapes and ceiling designs.

Installation Accessories

If you purchase the Whisperwave® products, you’ll also need the components to hang them. I highly recommend buying our Corkscrew Hangers or the Acoustic Baffle & Cloud Cable Kit so you have everything you need to install.

Looking for Acoustic Wave Panels for Your Space?

If you’re searching for a stylish and eye-catching way to turn your noisy rooms or buildings into peaceful environments, then our acoustic wave panels are the perfect product for you. At Acoustical Solutions, we specialize in creating cutting-edge acoustic solutions for every budget and project size.

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