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Fridley School System


The Fridley School System in Minnesota had a disruptive noise problem with the chillers in their schools. They contacted IAC Acoustics, whose products are distributed by Acoustical Solutions, to provide them with a means of deadening the sound.

Application Introduction:

Chillers, like most large scale environmental systems, can become quite noisy. Usually, such equipment is on a roof to keep the loud sounds away from the building. In the case of the Fridley School District, however, the systems were outside and nearby to classrooms. Unfortunately, due to the noise, the children could not effectively study. In order to quash this noise, the City of Fridley contacted IAC to determine the best way to proceed.

Treatment Provided:

IAC designed and installed several three-sided noise enclosures. Each enclosure had to be different, as each system at each school was unique. The enclosure panels are absorptive one side  and measure both 2 feet high and 1 foot 6 inches high. Each panel was 5 inches thick and lengths varied according to the requirements of the enclosure. IAC also installed these enclosures in such a way so that the panels could be removed in the event of a major equipment failure in the chiller itself. Some of the systems included soundproof doors for easy access to the equipment.



With the solutions in place, students are now able to concentrate on their work without the disruptive noise from the outdoor chillers.