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Frith Sound Transmission Loss Analysis


The Frith sound transmission loss analysis was for a state-owned government building that required sound proof construction. It was imperative that the construction assembly prevented any noise intrusion between several critical rooms, including a courtroom facility. Since a commissioning test verifies whether the STC (Sound Transmission Class) /NIC (Noise Isolation Class) ratings are acceptable, Acoustical Solutions was approached to conduct this evaluation.

Service Provided:

Acoustical Solutions is able to provide a full suite of tests. The ASTM E336-16 test is a standard for in-field sound transmission loss testing. This includes the companion ASTM E2235 reverberation time measurement standard, which characterizes the room’s response. These tests assess the ASTC, NIC, and NNR of the wall assembly (apparent sound transmission class, noise insulation class, and normalized noise reduction rating, respectively).

Specific Challenges:

The difficultly with any E336 survey in smaller spaces is achieving the correct measurement position placements. It’s imperative to ensure the minimum distance requirements of the standard are fulfilled. Working to overcome these challenges is what helps spur our consulting team to achieve success. Providing a complete and accurate sound transmission analysis satisfies our mission goals and gives the client the information required for their project.

Client Details:

Founded 1945, Frith Construction builds structures for hundreds of businesses in Virginia and North Carolina. Their experience and success provide clients peace of mind as they plan and oversee projects. Frith Construction’s debt-free financial strength and 3A1 D&B rating are also important to most clients. Frith Construction routinely handles a variety of projects on a Design-Build basis, which can reduce a project’s completion time by months. As a Design-Build Contractor, Frith Construction assumes full responsibility for design and construction, including all trades. This allows one phase of construction to begin while another phase is still in the drafting or approval phase.

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