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Garden of Eden Gourmet


Acoustical Solutions was engaged by Garden of Eden Gourmet to provide consulting and solution design for a rooftop HVAC unit. This was in Downtown Manhattan, next to residential rooftop gardens. Our client’s machinery did not exceed the local noise ordinances for the area. However, in an attempt to be a good neighbor, they enlisted our help to reduce the amount of traveling noise.

Service Provided:

The first part of the solution design phase is to understand the current situation. Using a methodology similar to ISO standard ISO3746, we can establish the source noise level with these measurements. We can then generate a 3D computer model using SoundPlan v7.1. This allows us to assess the potential impact of any noise abatement solution designs.

Based on the scenarios conducted, the most economical and efficient solution was a 3-sided acoustic enclosure. This reduced the noise levels at the rooftop gardens, as well as maintained adequate airflow for the machinery. The client had their own manufacturing and installation team to construct the designed acoustic enclosure. Therefore, Acoustical Solutions did not provide these services which were part of our turnkey solution. Once the noise abatement enclosure was in place, Acoustical Solutions returned to the site to measure the reduction. Upon review of the data, the enclosure generates a significant sound reduction. Now the only other noise sources are coming from HVAC equipment at adjacent businesses. 

Specific Challenges:

The main challenge of this contract was the nature of the environment the noise source sat within. Buildings surround the rooftop area on all sides which are several stories higher. This means that the noise source sat within an artificial “canyon.” This makes modeling of the environment and design of a solution difficult due to the reflections which bounce off the surrounding buildings.

Client Details:

Garden of Eden Marketplace is one of the full-service grocers in the New York area. For over 20 years, it has been servicing the New York and Tri-State area with an extensive product selection and unsurpassed customer service. At any one of their six locations, savvy shoppers will find fine products and ingredients at the best prices.

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