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Gemini Group Plastics Manufacturing


Gemini Group Plastics Manufacturing sought to limit noise exposure in the plastics extrusion facility for all of their employees. The goal was to lower the noise levels below the standard 85dB(A) OSHA guidelines for their Ubly, Michigan facility.

Service Provided:

The first step was be to identify and establish the main contributors to the overall noise level in the plant. For this, a full on-site acoustical survey was provided. Based on the results, measures to specifically target noise treatment solutions were devised. The OSHA approach to measuring exposure via a time-weighted average (TWA) is an overall average measurement of a given operator. Our intent was to measure and address the noise levels of specific individual machines.

Once we acquired the data, we used it to generate a 3D computer model. The SoundPlan software enables high accuracy predictions for noise reduction solutions. Theoretically modeling potential solutions in a target area allows for a specific, detailed cost-benefit analysis to be conducted for each potential treatment. Customers may then make an informed decision about the best possible reduction per dollar spent for the project.

Specific Challenges:

As with many production line activities, the noise sources distribute along each line. This requires innovative combinations of treatment solutions in order to reduce the overall noise level,  while maintaining production functionality. Industrial machinery often needs to be accessible for operation or to retrieve the goods produced.

Small but significant contributors to the noise are the portable grinders, which sit close to line operators and must be re-configurable as the line changes product production. Typical treatment would be a fixed metal enclosure. The only viable treatment is attaching barrier blankets to the existing frame, which are easily detachable. With the use of 3D modeling, we can then evaluate the cost vs. benefit of any proposed solution.

Client Details:

The Gemini Group contributes to the safety, comfort, convenience and sustainability of our society, as well as their customers and employees through the innovation of their plastic and metal products.