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  • Washington, D.C.

Harris Teeter Food Market


The Harris Teeter Food Market, in Washington, D.C. is proud to be known as the company you would call a good, quiet neighbor in the community. To that most neighborly end, the grocery store decided to develop a two fold acoustical solution. The treatment would quiet both the noise from their roof top equipment and hide them from the ground. This would reduce sound and avoid creating an eye-sore.

Application Introduction:

Harris Teeter teamed up with their architects, Bonduarant Associates, Benchmark Construction, Acoustical Design Collaborative and IAC to construct a neighborhood friendly solution to the noise problem. The IAC Acoustics Noishield Roof Barrier and cladding panel system would provide a sound solution for the retail market. The panel system protects the community against noise from air conditioners, pumps, compressors and fans without detracting from the architecture.

Treatment Provided:

The design of the IAC Noishield® roof top barrier and cladding systems include structural steel and support systems. These systems use a 20 gauge perforated steel or aluminum skin with over 100 color options and a smooth or textured finish. This offers and endless variety of options to blend into the architecture of the application.


IAC Acoustics Noishield® Sound Barrier Walls


The system blends well into the architecture of the of the surrounding community. The high NRC of the barrier walls provides a truly quite solution for the nearby neighbors.