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K104 Radio Station


The K104 Radio Station acquired high-end soundproof replacement doors for sound isolation between the studio and control room spaces. This was done as part of a studio upgrade while in the process of expanding into a new location.

Application Introduction:

The K104 Dallas Radio station is run by Service Broadcasting Group in Texas. They were looking for a higher caliber space for their growing brand. They found a space that was already set up for audio production. This space would be an upgrade for the group, however, some essential soundproofing items were missing when it came time to move in. Realizing the inherent quality and value of the existing IAC soundproof doors, the previous tenants chose to take them with them when they moved out. These doors were obviously thought to be a valuable asset and worth the effort to re-locate them to another facility.

Treatment Provided:

Seeing that there was now an apparent lack of soundproof doors for this facility, replacement IAC Acoustics Noise-Lock® Doors were the obvious choice. One of the features of this door series is the split-frame construction. This design is utilized throughout all of IAC’s door product lines, and allows for relatively easy removal and re-installation. Furthermore, this means that even after several years of heavy use, the previous tenant saw the intrinsic value in their acoustical performance and transferred them to their new space.

Acoustical Solutions, the exclusive IAC representative for Texas, supplied eight new doors to replace the former doors. Each door was furnished with a push plate/pull handle and a 24″ x 36″ vision lite, along with guaranteed performance.


The IAC Acoustics Noise-Lock® Doors are a high quality, high performance soundproof door with seals installed to spec. Though K104 had initial reservations on making the investment, the studios look great and they are completely satisfied with the results. These soundproof doors will provide heavy duty sound isolation for many years to come.