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Lawrence Hall Youth Services


Lawrence Hall Youth Services wanted a noise control solution to encapsulate the disruptive sound generated by their rooftop HVAC equipment. This would allow them to continue to execute their mission of improving the community. They develop the self worth, knowledge and skills of their youth, so they may grow to lead independent and productive lives. To this end, Lawrence called IAC Acoustics, whose products are distributed by Acoustical Solutions, to determine how to best quiet their HVAC system.

Application Introduction:

Rooftop HVAC systems, pumps and fans are often a source of unwanted noise. This noise was affecting both the residents of the building itself as well as the surrounding community. To combat these noise challenges, Lawrence chose IAC to design and install a roof top sound barrier system.  Their objective was to make the Lawrence Hall Youth Services building more comfortable to be in and around to enhance the aural lives of everyone.

Treatment Provided:

IAC installed its Noishield® rooftop barrier system, which consists of heavy duty structural steel and support systems. Two foot tall low weight panels form the building blocks of this system. They easily stack vertically to form a complete barrier solution for just about any imaginable need. In the case of Lawrence Hall, more than 50 individual panels, which can be removed for major equipment access, were used. IAC also installed a Noise Lock door for regular maintained access to the room.


IAC Acoustics Noishield® Sound Barrier Walls customized to fit around the rooftop HVAC equipment with an IAC Acoustics Noise-Lock® Door for easy access.


With the barrier system installed, the residents at this youth center can work on what is important without noisy distractions. The HVAC equipment is easily accessible for maintenance and repair.